Education Goals


The objective of the program is to provide a high quality educational program to working professionals and pharmacy students throughout the country.  Utilizing active learning pedagogy with a strong problem based learning (PBL) component, our goal is to increase the number of radiopharmacists and other nuclear medicine professionals.  

Advantages of the Nuclear Education Online Program:

  • High quality educational program

  • Student-centered interactive program

  • Training independent of locale

  • No need to leave home for education

  • Experienced faculty

  • Trained preceptors/mentors for each student

  • 10 week didactic component

  • Problem-based-learning and interactive WebCT technology employed

  • Available to pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists

  • Pharmacy continuing education credit

  • Additional training and education for preceptors

  • Continued access to educational material following program completion

The NEO faculty has used the APhA Syllabus for Nuclear Pharmacy Training, developed by the leaders in the field of nuclear pharmacy, as the backbone for the NEO program curriculum.  The entire curriculum is mapped to the syllabus to ensure a comprehensive education and training program.  You can view the entire APhA Syllabus Click Here.