2003 APhA Meeting in New Orleans                                                                   April 2003               

Approximately 200 Nuclear Pharmacists met at the APhA meeting in New Orleans March 29- April 1, 2003.  There were 15 hours of continuing education sessions, awards to recognize outstanding achievement in our field, business meetings, and lots of good food and fellowship.

Awards   Jim Ponto's contributions to the profession were recognized at the opening ceremonies as he received the Daniel B. Smith Practice Excellence Award.  The APhA-APPM awards night honored five more nuclear pharmacists.  David Laven received the William H. Briner Distinguished Achievement Award in Nuclear Pharmacy Practice, Jeff Norenberg and Duann Vanderslice were recognized as APhA Fellows, and Jim Cooper and Ken Cheng received the APhA Award of Merit.


Jim Ponto and Jeff Norenberg  

NEO Open House & Luncheon    
Bill McHugh, Curt Blaum, & John Flack John Long finds co-worker Sandra Takami's name on NEO Head of Class list. Bill McHugh, Steve Putnal, Rick Sheriff, and Pete Zullo
Nuclear Pharmacist Breakfast and Business Meeting  
Ken Cheng visits with Brigette and Kevin Nelson. Outgoing Nuclear Section Chair Joe Hung visits with Stan Shaw. Several pharmacy students attended the breakfast meeting including Arkansas students Linda Goosen Stevens, Sarah McCormack, and Andrea Puyear
Continuing Education, Visiting and Networking Opportunities  
Nicki Hilliard (center) with students Ha Vuong and Gina Witonski Carla Coley, Kristina Wittstrom, Joe Hung, Clyde, Jim Ponto, Steve Mattmuller, and Steve Dragotakes visit after the first CE session. Two Steves:  Steve Mattmuller and Steve Dragotakes.
Tim Quinton and David Laven enjoy looking at the pictures on the poster celebrating the 30th anniversary of the UNM radiopharmacy program Brian Cox and Duann Vanderslice visit at the Nuclear Pharmacist Reception. Kristina Wittstrom, Trent Rees, Peter Iverslie, and Jim Cooper swapping stories.

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