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Nuclear Pharmacy Website Gets New Look
The website at is sporting a new look.  The original website was designed in 1995 and it was past due for a fresh new design.  All the same information is contained in the updated site.  Your input is always needed to make sure that we have up-to-date information, please pass along any comments or corrections to
APhA Calls for Your Input
Nuclear pharmacy has benefited from many individuals that have dedicated their time and energy to our specialty practice.  You have the opportunity to honor these individuals by nominating them for APhA awards.  Some of these awards include, APhA Fellow, Award of Merit, and the Distinguished Achievement in Nuclear Pharmacy Practice.  For more information view the nomination guidebook and make your nomination by September 15th.  It is also time to elect new officers for APhA.  APhA members should receive an electronic or paper ballot very soon.  We are privileged to have outstanding candidates running for the nuclear pharmacy section offices:  Chair-Elect: Michele Beauvais & Richard Fejka;
Member-at-Large: Linda Goosen & Mark Soffing.  Nuclear pharmacy will also be guaranteed a position on the APPM Executive Committee with Nicki Hilliard and Duann Vanderslice placed in nomination!  Please remember to cast your ballot by October 15.
Inventor of CT Scanner Dies at 84
Sir Godfrey N. Hounsfield, who won the 1979 Nobel Prize in Medicine for inventing computed axial tomography, died Aug. 12 at age 84.  Hounsfield, an electrical engineer from England, conceived the idea for the CAT scanner in 1967 and the first clinical scans were made in 1972.  To read his autobiography...
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Sept. 4-9 FIP Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA
Sept. 4-8 European Nuclear Medicine Meeting, Helsinki, Finland
Sept. 9-12 Third Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Imaging
St. Louis, Missouri
Sept. 10-12 Southeastern Chapter Meeting
Clearwater Beach, Florida
Sept. 30-Oct 2 ASNC Annual Meeting, Clearwater, FL
Oct. 2 Board Certification Examination
Oct. 3-9 Nuclear Medicine Week
Oct. 8-10 Missouri Valley Chapter SNM, Lake of the Ozarks, MO
Oct. 15 Deadline for voting in APhA Elections
Oct. 16 Deadline for APhA Poster Abstracts
Oct. 22-24 Northeast Regional Meeting, SNM,     Stanford, CT
April 1-5 APhA 2005 Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL


All nuclear pharmacists are familiar with the use of Strontium-89 for bone pain palliation.  However, did you know that stable strontium has several other uses?  Volatile strontium salts ignite spontaneously in the air and impart a beautiful crimson color to pyrotechnics and flares.  Sr is also used in producing ferrite magnets and in refining zinc.  The major use for strontium at present is in producing glass for color television picture tubes. 

A 66 year old patient with biopsy of right lung mass demonstrating findings consistent with a neuroendocrine tumor.  The patient was referred to nuclear medicine for an OctreoScan study.  Continued....

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