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Senate Bill Delays Cuts in Imaging
The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 calls for significant cuts in reimbursement of medical imaging.  The medical community is concerned that these cuts will reduce access to services and adversely affect patient care.  The Senate's Access to Medicare Imaging Act, or S 3795, would impose a moratorium on the DRA reductions until 2009. As in HR 5704, the bill also asks for the GAO to conduct a study on the effects of the cuts on patients, especially those living in rural areas.  For more information...
PET Study Demonstrates Nicotine Addiction
A study published in the August issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry demonstrated the powerful effects of just small amounts of nicotine on the brain.  It is hoped that a better understanding of the how nicotine affects the brain will lead to better therapies for smoking cessation.  For more information...
New Promise for Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals
An article by Biotech Systems, Inc. outlines the projected rapid growth in therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.  A table is presented with many new agents to target the high incidence cancers, including lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer among others.  To view the article....
New AV Gallery on is a website for the medical imaging community.  It has a wealth of information and now includes a new AV Gallery for image movie clips.. think of it as a YouTube for imaging.  The website is free, but you must register for access.  View the AV Gallery...

Call for Award Nominations
Nominate individuals and organizations that are making a difference in pharmacy practice and/or research for recognition at the APhA2007 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA. Deadline Sept. 15.  For more information...

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Sept. 15 Deadline for submitting nominations for APhA Awards
Sept 15-17 Southeastern Chapter of the SNM - 47th Annual Meeting
Walt Disney World, Florida
Oct. 1-31 American Pharmacists Month
Oct. 1-7 Nuclear Medicine Week
Oct. 5-8 31st Annual Western Regional Meeting
Reno, Nevada
Oct. 22-27 9th World Congress - World Federation of Nuclear Medicine & Biology (WFNMB)
Seoul, South Korea
Oct. 24 National Pharmacy Technician Day
March 16-19, 2007 2007 APhA Meeting in Atlanta, GA

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Alexander Graham Bell is best known for inventing the telephone.  However, it was Bell that first suggested implanting radioactive  sources for treatment of cancer in 1903.

Dear Dr. Sowers,
     I understand from you that the Roentgen rays, and the rays emitted by radium, have been found to have a marked effect upon external cancers, but that the effects upon deep-seated cancers have not this far proved satisfactory.
     It has occurred to me that one reason for the unsatisfactory nature of these latter experiments arises from the fact that the rays have been applied externally, thus having to pass through healthy tissues of various depths in order to reach the cancerous matter.
     The Crookes' tube, from which the Roentgen rays are emitted, is of course too bulky to be admitted into the middle of a mass of cancer, but there is not reason why a tiny fragment of radium sealed up in a fine glass tube should not be inserted into the very heart of the cancer, thus acting upon the diseased material.  Would it not be worth while making experiments along this line?

[Signed} Alexander Graham Bell


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At the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we thought we would ask "Does your pharmacy have a "Disaster Preparedness Plan?" in the event of a hurricane, earthquake, terrorism, etc.

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If BPS approved CE credit were offered at the APhA Annual Meeting sessions for BCNP recertification would you be more likely to attend?

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  • I go every year anyway, but it would be nice.  9.3%
  • It wouldn't influence my decision to attend the meeting.   7.4%
  • I might be more likely to take the BCNP exam or recertify.  16.7%

A 44 year old man presented with a mass of the right buttocks.  Subsequent studies revealed metastatic paraganglioma.  Before continuing on to the case.  Test Your Knowledge about paragangliomas.

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