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Tumoricidal & Palliative Benefits of Sm-153 Presented
Clinical data presented at the recent SNM Annual Meeting demonstrated the tumoricidal effects of Sm-153 EDTMP in prostate cancer patients.  Of the study patients, 55% experienced a reduction or stabilization of PSA levels.  For more information...
UNM Radiopharmacy Honor Society
The University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy has established the “UNM Radiopharmacy Honor Society” which will honor alumni, faculty, or staff of the UNM College of Pharmacy, Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Program who have made outstanding contributions to radiopharmacy practice, radiopharmaceutical sciences, the profession of pharmacy, or to their community.  The first award(s) will be presented at the UNM College of Pharmacy 60th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, October 21, 2005.  For award information...
List of Colleges Offering Nuclear Pharmacy Courses
The APhA website lists colleges of pharmacy that offer nuclear courses or rotations.  This may be a helpful for recruiting purposes or to assist their educational programs.  For updates or corrections to this list you can contact Mark Soffing,, chair of the publications committee.
Nuclear Pharmacy Continuing Education
In addition to the continuing education program at UNM (, you can also find ACPE accredited CE on the Society of Nuclear Medicine website.  CE articles and exams are available online for each program.  Note: The Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties (BPS) currently only recognizes UNM CE for recertification purposes.
GE Healthcare Announces New President and CEO
GE Healthcare has appointed Joseph Hogan as president and CEO.  Hogan is currently the president of GE Healthcare Technologies.  He will succeed current GE Healthcare chief executive Bill Castell upon his retirement in 2006.  GE Healthcare is headquartered in the U.K.

July 2-6 19th Annual Nuclear Medicine Update, Hilton Head, SC
July 23-24 Viva Las Vegas 2005, Las Vegas, NV
Sept. 7-10 Fourth Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Imaging, Cologne, Germany
Sept. 16-18 Southeastern Chapter SNM, Atlanta, GA
Sept 29- Oct 2 30th Annual Western Regional SNM Meeting, Copper Mountain, Colorado
Oct. 7-8 SNM Eastern Great Lakes Chapter Meeting, Rochester, NY
Oct. 28-30 Northeast Regional Meeting, SNM, Newport, RI
Mar 17-21, 2006 APhA Annual Meeting, San Francisco
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"Cutie Pie"

A portable ionization chamber is used to measure relatively stable  exposure dose rates.  The ionization chamber was nicknamed the Cutie Pie by Atomic Energy Scientists, but it is unclear where the name originated.  The most likely answer is that it was such a nice design that someone said or thought, "Hey, that's a real cutie pie" The latter was a common slang term in the 40's for something really neat. Attempts have been made to explain it as Q T Pi with the Q referring to charge and T Pi meaning two pie geometry or having the t stand for time.

65 year old patient with thyroid nodule on ultrasound and elevated thyroid function.  The patient received a bone marrow transplant for treatment of multiple myeloma with CT evaluations.  Continued....

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