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Case of the Month
Nuclear Meltdown
DaTscan approved
APhA Meeting & Awards
Calendar of Events
Nuclear Facts

Airport Scan

What is the radiation dose from an airport scanner?  Not much.  Only 10 urem/scan = .01 mrem (effective dose, mainly skin dose). This is equivalent to flying two minutes at 30,000 feet.  It would take 1000 TSA scans to equal 1 chest x-ray.

Case of the Month

Muga scan
A chemotherapy patient received a follow-up MUGA scan with a dramatic drop in the LVEF.
Click here to view the Case Study.

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Nuclear Pharmacy eNewsletter
Dear Nuclear Medicine Professional,

The nuclear community offers our prayers and support to the victims of the disasters in Japan, including the unfolding catastrophic events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. This week I have been asked several radiation questions from my friends and co-workers.  It is a good chance to help sort out the fact from the fiction that is sometimes presented in the media.
Nuclear Meltdown
News reports from Japan have reported the release of radioactivity from the damaged nuclear reactors that have caused evacuations of the surrounding areas. In the event of a large scale meltdown, some of the isotopes and half-lives that may contaminate the area are I-131 (8 days), Cs-137 (30 yrs), Co-60 (5.3 yrs), Tritium (12.3 yrs) and Pu-240. The nuclear plant operators have been called heroic for their efforts to battle the situation facing exposure levels of 400 mSv per hour.  See Robert Atcher's comments concerning the impact of the crisis in Japan on the domestic production of medical isotopes and more information on radiation emergencies.
DaTscan Approved as C-IIDaTscan image

Because Ioflupane is a derivative of cocaine, it was automatically listed as a C-II drug. However, you would have to inject about 60 liters of the drug to get a high. GE Healthcare has submitted a request to the FDA to de-schedule this product since the abuse potential is virtually non-existent. GE is in the process of getting C-II licenses for all their pharmacies. Until FDA de-schedules DaTscan, it will be exclusive to GE pharmacies or can be ordered directing from GE customer service.  However, a physician must place the order on a DEA form 222. It is also required that sites have a camera set-up completed by an applications specialist. It will be good to have a diagnostic study to differentiate between tremor disorders once we get past the initial hurdles.

APhA Meeting and Awards 


We look forward to catching up with many of you at the upcoming APhA meeting in Seattle.  Great city, continuing education, and networking opportunities!  For a list of nuclear pharmacy events click here.


Congratulations to the following colleagues that will be recognized for their contributions to pharmacy practice Kristina Wittstrom will be recognized with the William H. Briner Distinguished Achievement Award in Nuclear Pharmacy Practice, and Brigette Nelson and Rich Fejka will be named a Fellow of APhA.  Congratulations on these much deserved honors!


Calendar of Events
March 25-28APhA Annual Meeting, Seattle WA
March 25-27Central Chapter - SNM Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL
April 1-3Southwest Chapter SNM 56th Annual Meeting, Oklahoma City, OK
April 8 3:00 pm ET
SNM Webinar: The Science of FLT
April 8-1041st Annual Spring Meeting, Mid-Eastern Chapter, Ocean City, MD
April 15-16SNM New England Chapter Spring Meeting, Springfield, MA
April 20SNM Webinar: Preclinical and Clinical Imaging for Drug Development
June 4-8SNM 58th Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX

Nicki Hilliard, PharmD, BCNP

Nuclear Education Online

Phone: 501-686-6398




Nuclear Education Online offers two online courses for Department of Transportation training.  Training for Highway Shippers and Transporters of Radiopharmaceuticals and Training for Air Shippers and Transporters of Radiopharmaceuticals.  Both the DOT and the FAA have been inspecting pharmacies and nuclear medicine departments.  Make sure all your personnel have been trained.  Just $47 each or $75 for both.  See for more details.