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Fibromyalgia Study
Nuclear Medicine Up 3%
Labeling Exemption
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 Vaseline glass
Vaseline Glass
If you are looking for an interesting gift for the holidays, you may want to consider Vaseline Glass.  You could also use it as GM check source because it is slightly radioactive.  Also called Uranium glass because because of the addition of uranium to give the yellow-green color (color of Vaseline) which fluoresces under UV light.  Check it out at Wikipedia or eBay!
Case Study
Bone scan
A 46 year old patient who has been smoking 2-3 packs per day for 30 years was referred for a follow-up bone scan after chemotherapy for small-cell lung cancer.  Continued

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How has the Mo-99 shortageaffected your radiation exposure?
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Nuclear Christmas
2008 Image of the Year
You can find some interesting things on the internet.  In case anyone is interested, you can even purchase nuclear Christmas tree greeting cards.
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Dear Nuclear Medicine Professional,

As the nuclear medicine community continues to deal with the molybdenum shortage, we make special note of the possible alternative of photo-fission for isotope production.  Still a long ways from any possible commercial application, it is an interesting concept.
Wishing you a joyous and happy holiday season!
Photo-Fission Accelerators Proposed
Scientists in Canada have proposed using intense beams of light to produce medical isotopes via photo-fission.  This may be a promising alternative to replace the 51-year old Chalk River reactor.  They are requesting funding to pursue a research program to "support proof-of-principle demonstrations." For more information

Covidien and PETNet Partner
On Nov. 3 Covidien and PETNet Solutions announced they have entered into a co-marketing agreement to offer a combined portfolio of SPECT and PET radioisotopes.  View press release.
Brain Scans Study Fibromyalgia
fibromyalgiaFrench researchers have been using SPECT brain scans to identify brain perfusion abnormalities in fibromyalgia patients.  An increase in blood flow was found in the brain region known to discriminate pain intensity. The article was published in the November Journal of Nuclear Medicine.
Nuclear Medicine Up 3% in 2007
The number of nuclear medicine procedures in the U.S. increased by 3% in 2007 to 15.7 million, up from 15.2 million in 2006, according to an IMV Medical Information Division study involving more than 7,300 hospitals and nonhospital sites. The study estimates the number of procedures for this year will be about 16 million, which is below numbers for 2005.
Vitamin D for Radiation Protection
Vitamin DThere is increasing evidence that Vitamin D may prevent some forms of cancer.  Recently, Daniel Hayes reported in the International Journal of Low Radiation that the active form of Vitamin D, Calcitriol, may provide radiation protective properties.

Labeling Exemption
Radiopharmaceuicals and constrast media are exempt from the new FDA regulations requiring a side effect statement and phone number to be given to the patients.  Thanks to the APhA Nuclear Section leadership for clarification on this issue.
APhA 2009 Election Cycle
APhA logo
The APhA is looking for pharmacists interested in serving as an officer in the Nuclear Pharmacy Section.  Applications for Chair-Elect and New Practitioner are now being accepted for the 2010-2012 term.  For information and application...
Calendar of Events
Dec. 2-3 3rd Annual Global Imaging Summit, Cologne, Germany
Dec. 3 Deadline for APhA Officer Applications
Feb. 4-8 SNM Mid-Winter Educational Symposium 2009, Clearwater, FL
Feb. 12-14 4th Annual Symposium on PET/CT and Molecular Imaging, Las Vegas, NV
Feb. 14-15 PNW Hawaii Meeting, Honolulu, HI
April 3-6 APhA Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX
May 6-9 Canadian Society of Nuclear Medicine Meeting, Winnipeg
June 13-17 SNM Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada
July 12-17 18th International Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Symposium, Edmonton, Canada
Renal scan
Nicki Hilliard, PharmD, BCNP
Professor of Nuclear Pharmacy