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ICANL Accreditation
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Generic Sestamibi
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Nuclear Facts
The Beatles played an important role in delivering the CT scan to clinical medicine.   EMI, Electronic and Musical Industries, was the company that manufacturered early CT scanners and was also the parent company of The Beatles two record labels, Capital Records and Apple Records.  Through the sales of records, EMI was able to fund Sir Godfrey Hounsfield's CT scanner research.
Case Study
Osteomyelitis Case
A 58 year old African American male with a history of diabetes, presents with a purlent bloody discharge from his finger.  He states there is no pain or tenderness.  Continued
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Message from the Chair
Rich Nickel 
     Your NPPS Officers have been working some issues that we will need your help on. First, is developing a MTM model for nuclear pharmacy.  To that end, we ask those of you performing MTM to email Michele Beauvais about your practice.  Second, we are seeking candidates for Office.  Specifically Chair-Elect (2009) and Member-at-Large (2009).  Deadline for nominations is 14 December 2007.  Third, we are seeking additional memberships in APhA and the NPPS Section.  If you are presently not a member, please consider joining.
     Check out our newly updated NPPS web page on for your Section's response to the proposed additions of radiopharmaceutical drugs to the NIOSH Hazardous Drugs List.
The NIOSH letter is posted there, as well as other information that may be of interest to you.  You can also review the Award recipients from the Atlanta Meeting.
See you in March!
Your Chair,
Rich Nickel
Dear Nuclear Medicine Professional,

Many outpatient nuclear cardiology facilities are grapling with the new reimbursement requirements that mandate ICANL accreditation.  This may be a good opportunity for nuclear pharmacists to assist customers with establishing procedures and protocols to meet the ICANL standards.  I encourage you to read through the standards and offer your professional knowledge and experience.
ICANL Accreditation
ICANL logo The Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Laboratories is a non-profit organization "dedicated to promoting quality nuclear cardiology and nuclear medicine diagnostic evaluations in the delivery of health care by providing a peer review process of laboratory accreditation."  Accreditation is a voluntary process, although reimbursement policies have been enacted throughout the United States by Medicare and other providers that require ICANL accreditation.  Nuclear pharmacists are often in a position to assist cardiology clinics with the accreditation process.  For more information and to view the standards, see
Nuclear Medicine Podcasts

Rob Williams PodcastThere is a wealth of free information, including nuclear medicine, found on the internet in the form of audio and video files delivered as podcasts.  An iPod or MP3 player is not required, they may be played directly on your computer.  Rob Williams has developed a nuclear medicine podcast.  You can find it on iTunes or on his website at

Generic Sestamibi
In addition to DraxImage, Cardinal Health, Covidien and CIS-US have announced plans to manufacture generic sestamibi.  The Cardiolite patent is due to expire in early 2008.
Covidien Announces Research Efforts
Covidien recently announced two new research projects.  Covidien is collaborating with the University of New South Wales to develop a novel apoptosis imaging agent for evaluating the efficacy of cancer treatments. (see press release) Covidien also signed an agreement with BioSynthema to develop a therapeutic agent for neuroendrocrine tumors utilizing Lu-177 lutetium with a peptide similar to pentetrotide. (see press release)
APhA Officers
APhA logoThe APhA-APPM Nuclear Section is looking for new officers to serve the profession.  It is a great professional experience!  In 2008 the section will be electing new Chair-Elect and New Practitioner positions.  Applications are now being accepted.  Click here for more information.
NEO Wins Distance Learning Award
TrophyNuclear Education Online was recently recognized as the 2007 Outstanding Distance Learning Program at the Arkansas Distance Learning Association annual meeting in Hot Springs, AR.  During 2006-2007 NEO trained 718 health professionals, including pharmacists, cardiologists, PET cyclotron workers, pharmacy technicians, and customer service personnel.  To learn more about NEO visit
Calendar of Events
Nov. 1-2 Principles and Practices of PET CT , Scottsdale, AZ
Nov. 25-30 RSNA Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL
Dec. 3-8 Exam dates for Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology
Dec. 14 Deadline for APhA officer applications
March 14-17 APhA Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA
Online Poll
Are you aware of ICANL accreditation, as it relates to nuclear medicine procedure reimbursement?
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Previous Poll: "Do we need a "scope of practice" defined for nuclear pharmacists and nuclear pharmacy technicians?"
54.5%:  Yes, would be good to document for the professions
31.8%  No, already defined by regulations
13.6%  Not sure what is needed.
Renal scan
Nicki Hilliard, PharmD, BCNP
Professor of Nuclear Pharmacy
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