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Nuclear Stocks
High Dose Zevalin
Nanotechnology News
Covidien Expansion
Nuclear Reactor Update
Mattmueller Selected
International Workshop
Calendar of Events
Nuclear Facts 
Shoe Fluoroscoope
Shoe Fluoroscope 
In the 1950's there were as many as 10,000 shoe-fitting fluoroscopes in shoe stores across the U.S.  People could few a X-ray of their feet inside the new shoes.  The machines generally employed a 50 kv X-ray tube operating at 3 to 8 milliamps. When you put your feet in a shoe fitting fluoroscope, you were effectively standing on top of the x-ray tube. The only "shielding" between your feet and the tube was a one mm thick aluminum filter.  For more history about the shoe-fitting fluoroscope...
Case Study
HB Leak
A 57 year old gentleman being treated for multiple myeloma presents with acute cholecystitis

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How do nuclear medicine professional feel about the election?  Let us know who you support.
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APhA 2009 Election Cycle
APhA logo
The APhA is looking for pharmacists interested in serving as an officer in the Nuclear Pharmacy Section.  Applications for Chair-Elect and New Practitioner are now being accepted for the 2010-2012 term.  For information and application...
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Dear Nuclear Medicine Professional,

The past month has been a roller coaster ride on the stock market.  Many of us don't even want to think about the hits to our 401K plans.    People are anxious for a change and are turning out in record numbers to vote.  Share your opinion in this month's poll.
Nuclear Stocks Update
Stock Market Graph
We have all witnessed the painful fall of the stock market in recent weeks (graph: S&P 500 index).  Here are a few nuclear stocks that you might own in your portfolio.  Stock price as of Oct. 30th and the 52 week range.

     Cardinal Health 37.42  (34.50 - 69.00)

     Covidien 44.30 (37.73 - 57.00)
     GE 19.59 (17.27 - 41.22)
     Siemens 59.11 (43.89 - 160.37)

High Dose Zevalin Study for NHL
MoAb A study showed that 83% of patients with relapsed/
refractory or high-risk aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma were disease-free 30 months after receiving high-dose Zevalin and undergoing stem cell rescue.  Doses of up to three times the standard dose of Zevalin were used.  For additional information...
Institute for Nanotechnology
The University of Missouri at Columbia dedicated the International Institute for Nano and Molecular Medicine on Oct. 20.  The new $10 million research facility will provide scientists the tools to discover new methods for treating cancer and other diseases.  For more information....
Covidien Plans Expansion for R&D
Covidien is planning a $100 million expansion of its St. Louis facilities in the next five years, promising 30 new jobs related to research and development. The expansion is geared toward enhancing the company's drug-development capacities and launching more products on the market. For more information...
Petten Reactor Down Until Feb 2009
Nuclear Reactor ShutdownThe high flux nuclear reactor at Petten, Netherlands has been in use since 1961.  It was shut down in August due to corrosion of the pipes in its primary cooling circuit. This reactor producing Mo-99 is expected to be back on-line in February 2009.  View press release

Mattmueller Selected for NRC Committee
Steve Mattmuller Congratulations to Steve Mattmueller for being selected the the NRC Advisory Committee on Medical Uses of Isotopes.  The ACMUI was established in 1958 and advises the NRC on policy and technical issues related to the regulation of the medical use of radioactive material.  Steve also serves as the chair-elect of the APhA Nuclear Pharmacy Practice Section.
Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Workshop
The 18th International Radiophamaceutical Sciences Symposium in Edmonton, Canada will be held July 11, 2009.  A workshop on radiopharmacy and radiopharmacology is planned.  Meeting planner, Sally Schwartz says, "I am trying to get radiopharmacists to come to this meeting to be involved with the translation of new PET and SPECT agents into humans."  Contact Sally at  for additional information.
Calendar of Events
Nov. 6-9 Nuclear Medicine:2008 PET/CT & SPECT/CT, New York, NY
Nov. 11-19 CHI's Fifth Annual "Molecular Imaging Week", La Jolla, CA
Dec. 2-3 3rd Annual Global Imaging Summit, Cologne, Germany
Dec. 3 Deadline for APhA Officer Applications
Feb. 4-8 SNM Mid-Winter Educational Symposium 2009, Clearwater, FL
Feb. 12-14 4th Annual Symposium on PET/CT and Molecular Imaging, Las Vegas, NV
Feb. 14-15 PNW Hawaii Meeting, Honolulu, HI
April 3-6 APhA Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX
Renal scan
Nicki Hilliard, PharmD, BCNP
Professor of Nuclear Pharmacy
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