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Nuclear Medicine Case Studies


Feb 2003         Elbow Pain – Bone scan & MPI

Mar 2003         Multiple Myeloma PET

Apr 2003          Osteomyelitis

May 2003        Hypothyroidism

June 2003        Quantitative Lung Scan

July  2003        Head Injury

Aug 2003         Myocardial Ischemia

Sep 2003         Malignant Melanoma

Oct 2003         Honda Sign

Nov 2003         Pulmonary Embolus

Dec 2003         Post Myocardial Infarction


Jan 2004          GI Bleeding

Feb 2004         Right flank pain

Mar 2004         Right upper quadrant pain

Apr 2004          gCSF demonstrated on PET Scan

May 2004        Hip Pain – Cardiac Case


July 2004         Hepatobiliary with CCK

Aug 2004         Multiple Myeloma - OctreoScan

Sep 2004         Cancer – Chemo induced nephrotoxicity

Oct 2004         Hemangioma

Nov 2004         Vaginal Agenesis/stenosis - Renogram

Dec 2004         Scoliosis


Jan 2005          Primary Hyperparathyroidism

Feb 2005         Acute Cholecystitis identified on PETCT

Mar 2005         Carotid Body Tumors

Apr 2005          Gastric Emptying Study

May 2005        Dyspnea – Cardiac: Heart failure

Jun 2005          Multiple Myeloma – thyroid study

Jul 2005           PET scan prior to bone scan

Aug 2005         Prostate Cancer – Bone Scan

Sep 2005         FDG Uptake in Brown Fat


Nov 2005         Lung Cancer – Cardiac Study

Dec 2005         Sentinel Node Imaging for Melanoma


Jan 2006          PET Scans Demonstrate Both Tumor and Infectious Activity

Feb 2006         Treatment of Hyperthyroidism Following Pregnancy

Mar 2006         Myeloma patient with a large chronic peridiverticular abscess PETCT

Apr 2006          Cushing Syndrome - OctreoScan

May 2006        Chest pain & Blue toes – Bone Scan: Osteo

June 2006        Chest pain

July 2006         Metastatic Breast Cancer

Aug 2006         Metastatic Paraganglioma - OctreoScan

Sep 2006         Melena – GI Bleeding

Oct 2006         Lumboperitoneal Shunt – In-111 DTPA

Nov 2006         GI Bleeding Case Study

Dec 2006         End Stage Liver Disease – Left to right cardiac shunt


Jan  2007         Acute Cholecystitis

Feb  2007        PET Scan Demonstrating Infectious Disease

Mar 2007         Widespread Metastatic Disease – Bone Scan

Apr  2007         Diabetic Infection

May 2007        Renal

June 2007        Elevated Creatinine – ACEI Renogram

July 2007         Melanoma PET/CT

Aug 2007         Carcinomatosis PET/CT

Sep  2007        PET CT:  Finding of Ruptured Diverticulum

Oct  2007        Bone Scan:  Osteomyelitis in a Diabetic Patient

Nov 2007         “Elvis Sign”  PET


Jan 2008          Renal

Feb 2008         Diabetic Gastroparesis

Mar 2008         Paget’s Disease

Apr  2008         Radiographic Abnormality - Enchondroma    

May 2008        Bone Scan Demonstrating Local Invasion

June 2008        Zevalin Therapy for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

July 2008         Sickle Cell Anemia: WBC Study

Sep  2008        Prostate Cancer

Oct  2008        Multiple Myeloma: Hepatobiliary stu


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