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200-Hour Physician Course

Nuclear Pharmacy Technician Education and Training

Title: Nuclear Education Online - Pharmacy Technician Training

ACPE # 0004-0000-14-250-H04-T                             20.0 Contact hrs

*This CPE activity will be Application based.

At the completion of this activity, the participant will be able to:

                     Accurately perform the mathematical calculations required for the usual dosage determinations and solution preparations in the preparation and dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals

                     Demonstrate conversion calculations between and within the SI and the traditional Curie based system of measurements of radioactivity used in the United States.

                     Show proficiency in the conversion of any given activity to pre and post calibration activity.

                     Calculate all volumes needed to prepare cold kit to standard time and concentration from a generator elution.

                     Calculate correct volume needed for time and activity specific unit dose.



Kenneth M. Duke, R.Ph., M.B.A - Assistant to the Dean
Clinical Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy -  The University of Georgia - Athens, Georgia

Kristina Wittstrom, PhD, BCNP

University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy, Albuquerque, NM



NEO combines the web-based curriculum with experiential training at local sites to provide students with hands-on experience.

This self-study program represents a minimum of ten weeks of supervised, experiential training with an Authorized Pharmacist preceptor.  Those candidates with nuclear pharmacy experience should complete the program in not less than twenty weeks.  No specific schedule or curriculum is required for program completion. 

The NEO NPT program consists of ten modules:











Course outline

1.  Organization and Pharmacy Law

2.  Terms and Abbreviations

3.  Calculations

4.  Inventory Management

5.  Radiopharmaceutical Dosages

6.  Radiopharmaceutical Preparations

7.  Aseptic Technique

8.  Record Keeping Part I

9.  Record Keeping Part II

10.Quality Control


Does the NEO NPT program have any prerequisites?

Prerequisites include all of the following:

  • Employment in a nuclear pharmacy.
  • A minimum of 90-days experience as a nuclear pharmacy technician.
  • Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist preceptor.
  • A score of 70 percent or more on the Math Review Assessment, to be completed prior to starting the program.


How is the NEO NPT program organized?

Each module consists of several parts:

a. American Pharmacists Association goals, competencies and training guidelines, those provide focus on the tasks to be completed.

b. Content, provides supplemental information towards meeting the module goal. 

c. Exercises and worksheets, these provide reinforcement of the competencies and provide proof of competency to the preceptor.

d. Competency assessment, a document completed by both the candidate and the preceptor to assure that outlined competencies have been met.

e. Knowledge assessment, an online self assessment for review of understanding of the module competencies.

Module Self Assessments:  These quizzes are intended to provide the candidate with feedback on mastery of the competencies outlined in the program.  They can be used to identify areas that may require additional study or to determine subject mastery.  Each self-assessment is computer graded.  If some questions are missed, review the materials and retake the self assessment until all material is understood.

Final Assessment:  The final assessment is available as a single attempt with a prescribed time frame.  The final exam may only be taken once.  A score of 70 percent is required to be successful in program completion.  Scores of less than 70 percent will require remediation.


What are the course requirements?

1.  The candidate and preceptor should meet at least weekly to assess accomplishments, identify additional areas of study and determine the goals and objectives for the following week.

2.  Each module contains a self assessment that may be taken unlimited number of times.  A final score of 70 percent or more is required for each module assessment before attempting the final assessment.

3.  A comprehensive, online assessment (final exam) must be successfully completed as documentation of subject mastery.  Then final assessment is available as a single attempt with a prescribed time frame.  The final exam may only be taken once.  A score of 70 percent is required to be successful in program completion.  Scores of less than 70 percent will require remediation.

4.  A course evaluation is required for continuing education credit and is useful for continuous quality improvements.


Are there any required textbooks or suggested references?

Much of the educational material is online for students, however there are some recommendations outlined below:

1.  State Board of Pharmacy Regulations and Statues

2.  Practical Mathematics in Nuclear Medicine Technology 2011 2nd Edition

-Excellent review of math used in radiopharmacy

-By Patricia Wells, MAE, CNMT

-Society of Nuclear Medicine (www.snm.org) ISBN: .

-Softcover, 2011, Price:  SNM Member Price:

3.  Radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Pharmacy and Nuclear Medicine, 3rd Edition -

Excellent source for comprehensive radiopharmacy information (in most nuclear pharmacy reference libraries)

-By Richard J Kowalsky, PharmD, BCNP, FAPhA and Steven W Falen, MD, PhD.

-American Pharmacists Association, (www.pharmacist.com (under Shop APhA)

ISBN:  978-1-58212-118-5 -Hard cover, 2011, Price $191.95, APhA Member Price $153.50)

4.  Nuclear Pharmacy Policy & Procedure Manual (site specific)

Computer Requirements - click here for details


Tuition for the NEO NPT training program is $1800, which includes online instruction, aseptic technique DVD and manual, and competency assessments.  Students who are unable to complete the program may request a full or partial refund.  Group pricing discounts available.


ACPE Continuing Pharmacy Education Credit

The UAMS College of Pharmacy Continuing Pharmacy Education office is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education.

This course provides 20 hours of continuing pharmacy education credit for pharmacy technicians requesting credit.

ACPE Provider Contact Information:
UAMS Continuing Pharmacy Education
4301 West Markham, #525
Little Rock, AR 72034
Phone – 501.661-7962
Email – MabryLeaA@uams.edu

Initial Release Date:  01/01/2014

Planned Expiration Date:  01/01/2017

NPT Enrollment Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Questions should be directed to Kristina Wittstrom at KWittstrom@salud.unm.edu or 505-272-3661.

The Office of CPE is committed to protecting the privacy of its Internet CPE customers. All information collected in an online educational activity sponsored by the UAMS College of Pharmacy will remain confidential. Internet activities sponsored by the UAMS College of Pharmacy will be used as an educational resource for pharmacy practitioners. Any personal and/or credit information collected over this Internet site will be kept confidential and used to maintain an adequate record of an individual’s participation in the educational activity. This information will not be released, vended, or disseminated to any outside organization except as required by law. The Office of CPE is not responsible for the privacy practices of any other sites linked within this site.


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