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Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists

Can you become a nuclear pharmacist without going to pharmacy school?
No, you must have a degree in pharmacy, either a B.S. or Pharm.D.

I think I'm interested in nuclear pharmacy, where do I start?
If you don't know much about nuclear pharmacy and have never visited one, that is where we suggest that you start.  Call a local nuclear pharmacy and set up a day to visit and shadow a nuclear pharmacist.

Where are the current job openings in nuclear pharmacy?
There is a current job posting available on this website.  Job openings can change on a daily basis.  You will also want to check with the large nuclear pharmacy companies job boards for a more up-to-date listing. 

Where can I find a preceptor?
Many pharmacists in the NEO program are already hired by a nuclear pharmacy company.  Pharmacists can receive training to become a nuclear pharmacist independently, but they will need previous experience in a nuclear pharmacy or find a nuclear pharmacist that is willing to let you shadow or become your preceptor.  You can not start the program without at least visiting a nuclear pharmacy.  You can find a list of nuclear pharmacies in your area.

How much does it cost to get started?
In order to help individual pharmacists and student pharmacists get started in nuclear pharmacy without being too cost prohibitive, we have a special tuition discount for students and we allow pharmacists to start the program with as little as $500 down.

I've been hired, when should I start the classes?
Pharmacist can start the classes at any time. However, we generally recommend that pharmacists new to the field of nuclear pharmacy spend 2-4 weeks working in the pharmacy prior to starting the didactic courses. 

When does the problem-based-learning course start?
Pharmacist can start the basic didactic courses of nuclear physics, radiation safety, radiation biology, instrumentation, and radiochemistry at any time.  These are the required courses for Authorized User training.  In addition, NEO offers a Problem-Based-Learning (PBL) course to cover the radiopharmacology and clinical uses of the radioisotopes.  The PBL course is offered periodically throughout the year when we get a group of 5-8 pharmacists for the discussions.  The PBL course has a one hour per week conference call/webinar to review the cases.  The PBL course will not hold up your application to be added to a radioactive materials license.

I've previously worked in nuclear pharmacy, do I need refresher training?
If it has been more than seven years since you have practiced nuclear pharmacy the NRC or Agreement State agency may require all or part of the training to be retaken.  It is advised to check with your state regulatory agency for clarification on any refresher training that may be required.

Will I receive ACPE approved continuing education?
Yes.  Upon completion of the program we will request your pharmacy license number for CPE records.  You will receive documentation of your nuclear pharmacy training and continuing education credits.   Live CE credit is now available for your participation in the PBL sessions.



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