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Amersham Becomes "GE Healthcare"
General Electric Company completed the acquisition Amersham Healthcare this month and will now be known as GE Healthcare.  Sir William Castell, formerly Chief Executive of Amersham, assumes the role of President and CEO of GE Healthcare.  For more information....
APhA Annual Meeting Handouts
If you missed the fun and the great educational sessions at the APhA meeting in Seattle, you will still be able to get the handouts for many of the sessions from the APhA meeting website beginning May 3. (Look for pictures of the meeting in next month's newsletter.) 
Action Item:  Contact Your Senator
In order to produce the medical isotopes necessary for 90 percent of nuclear medicine procedures, the manufacturers of medical isotopes must have access to small quantities of highly enriched uranium (HEU).  That supply is in jeopardy of being disrupted, please ask your senator to support the medical isotope provision included within energy legislation, S. 2095, the “Energy Policy Act of 2003.  For more information and sample letters click here.

Boston Life Sciences Gets OK for Altropane Phase III Trial
Pharmaceutical firm Boston Life Sciences has reached an agreement with the Food and Drug Administration for the phase III clinical trial of its radioimaging agent Altropane. 
For more information....

Virtual Mentors Needed for Nuclear Pharmacy
APhA recently launched a Career Center on that provides several career-related services to pharmacy students, new practitioners, and pharmacists looking for a mid-career change.  The Virtual Mentor program connects interested individuals with pharmacists currently working in a specific area - like nuclear.  The individuals can read about nuclear pharmacists and email questions or ask for advice.


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May 7 Extended deadline for Section officer applications.  See
May 14-16 "Charities & Maladies" Continuing Education Weekend, Ft. Myers, FL
May 14-16 Central Chapter SNM Meeting,    Chicago, IL
May 21-22 2nd Annual 2004 PET/CT Imaging Symposium,  Las Vegas, Nevada
June 19-23 SNM 51st Annual Meeting,   Philadelphia, PA
Sept. 4-9 FIP Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA
Sept. 4-8 European Nuclear Medicine Meeting, Helsinki, Finland
Sept. 9-12 Third Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Imaging
St. Louis, Missouri
Sept. 10-12 Southeastern Chapter Meeting
Clearwater Beach, Florida

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Just below gamma & x-rays on the electromagnetic spectrum you will find ultraviolet radiation.  With summer approaching, it is time to pay attention to the hazards of solar radiation.  UV radiation is associated with skin cancer, suppression of the immune system, cataracts, and premature aging of the skin.  There are three types of UV rays:
UVA - Not absorbed by ozone layer, causes damage to connective tissue and increases risk of skin cancer.
UVB - Mostly absorbed by ozone layer, does not penetrate skin as deep as UVA, causes reddening of the skin.
UVC - Extremely hazardous to skin, but is completely absorbed by ozone and oxygen.
To check the daily UV index in your area go to the EPA or Accuweather website.   Remember the ALARA concept!

A 64 year old woman with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma treated with CHOP (cyclo-phosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, & prednisone) and G-CSF Continued....

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