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Nominate a Colleague for Recognition by APhA...Deadline September 15th!
Nominate individuals and organizations that are making a difference in nuclear pharmacy practice and/or research for recognition at the APhA2006 Annual Meeting & Exposition in San Francisco, California, March 17-21, 2006. Review a complete listing of the various types of awards and honors presented by APhA, and download a copy of the APhA Awards Application and Guidebook. More information... Steve Dragotokes (, nuclear section chair, is a member of the awards committee and can provide information about this process if you have any questions.
Understanding Bulimia
The role of the brain’s opioid receptor system—or endorphin system—may hold the key to understanding and treating bulimia nervosa, according to PET research reported in the Society of Nuclear Medicine’s August issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. For more information...
Decay Tables Available Online
MDS Nordion has a pdf file of decay tables and conversion charts that you may find useful in your practice.  You can find this resource at Click here for the file.
Nuclear Medicine Week Supplies
Nuclear Medicine Week is celebrated the first full week of October.  Show your pride in what nuclear medicine and molecular imaging contribute to healthcare.  Posters, buttons, pens, wrist bands, and other items may be purchased from the Society of Nuclear Medicine for celebrating this week.  Order now to have them available for your customers.  Tell us about your plans or previous celebrations of NM Week and we share your ideas and pictures in an upcoming newsletters.  October is also American Pharmacists Month.  A double reason to celebrate!

Sept. 7-10 Fourth Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Imaging, Cologne, Germany
Sept. 16-18 Southeastern Chapter SNM, Atlanta, GA
Sept 29-Oct 2 30th Annual Western Regional SNM Meeting, Copper Mountain, Colorado
Oct. 1-31 American Pharmacists Month
Oct. 2-8 Nuclear Medicine Week
Oct. 7-8 SNM Eastern Great Lakes Chapter Meeting, Rochester, NY
Oct. 25 National Pharmacy Technician Day
Oct. 28-30 Northeast Regional Meeting, SNM, Newport, RI
Mar 17-21, 2006 APhA Annual Meeting, San Francisco

Element Names

Technetium derived it's name from the Greek word technetos meaning artificial.  Tc-99m was the first element to be artificially produced.  Several elements were named from the color of their spectrum.  Indium gets its name from the brilliant indigo line,  thallium from the Greek word thallos meaning a green shoot or twig and iodine from the Greek word iodes, meaning violet.  Many elements in the periodic table are named for geographic locations.  Ytterium was named for the Swedish village Ytterby.   Strontium was named for Strontian, Scotland, and Gallium was named for France, Gallia being the Latin word for France.

An 83-year-old World War II veteran who has been dealing with prostate cancer for multiple years presents with left flank pain and a 30 pound weight loss in the past 6 months.   Continued....

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