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Required Residencies?
Brain Scans for Depression
NY Times Article
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Nuclear Facts
Why is W the symbol for Tungsten?  Tungsten (Swedish tung sten meaning "heavy stone"), even though the current name for the element in Swedish is wolfram (sometimes spelled in Swedish as volfram), from the denomination volf rahm by Wallerius in 1747, translated from the description by Agricola in 1546 as Lupi spuma, meaning "wolf's froth" after the way tin is eaten up like a wolf after sheep in the process of its extraction
Case Study
PET CT Scan of Carcinomatosis 
A 53-year old man presented with abdominal pain and was diagnosed with gallstones.  Laprosocpic surgery revealed carcinomatosis.   Continued
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Message from the Chair
Dear Colleagues,
Are you performing MTM (Medication Therapy Management) in your PET or Nuclear practice?  If so, can you contact either myself or Michele Beauvais?  We are seeking information from those performing MTM so that we can update APhA on how our specialty does this.
Have you visited e-Communities lately?  You would have seen information on our response to the proposed changes to the NIOSH Alert document that is referenced in USP Chapter <797>.  You would also have seen information on the Ceretec shortage and Award Nominations. 
Speaking of Awards, the deadlines for submission are coming up fast.  September 15 is the deadline for Fellow nominations.  See the APhA home page or e-Communities for more information.
Rich Nickel
APhA-APPM Nuclear Pharmacy Practice Section, Chair
Dear Nuclear Medicine Professional,

The American College of Clinical Pharmacy is advocating a pharmacy residency for everyone that provides direct patient care.   The pharmacy organizations, ASHP and AACP have discussed the issues in recent meetings.  This issue is likely to come before the APhA House of Delegates next year.  We need to think how this would affect nuclear pharmacy practice and share these views and concerns with the APhA policy committee.
Proposal for Required Residencies
ACCP is proposing residency training as a prerequisite for direct patient care pharmacy practice by the year 2020.  Depending on the definition of direct patient care this could include or exclude nuclear practice.  Either way, it could have a large impact on our specialty.  Please voice your comments on the nuclear eCommunity or section leadershipView a copy of the ACCP Position Paper.
Brain Scans Give Clues About Depression
Brain Scan The August Journal of Nuclear Medicine article highlighted the use of SPECT brain scans for studying depression.  The study correlated brain blood flow with a depressed emotion state.  Patients were study before and following therapy lending clues for treatment response.  For more information...
NY Times Highlights Radioimmunotherapy
MoAb " Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is the fifth most common cancer in the United States, with 60,000 new cases and almost 20,000 deaths a year. But fewer than 2,000 patients received Bexxar or Zevalin last year, only about 10 percent of those who are suitable candidates for the drugs".  The July 31st article featured information and patient stories about these life-saving radiopharmaceuticals.  To read the article...
NIOSH Alert Document
NIOSH logoThe National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has made proposed additions to Appendix A of NIOSH Alert of Hazardous Drugs, adding Metastron and Quadramet.  The APhA Nuclear Section leadership has responded with written comments opposing these additions.  Click here, for a copy of these comments.
Online Poll
"What effect would the proposed residency requirements have on nuclear pharmacy practice?"
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Previous Poll: "Will the sestamibi generic event have a positive or negative effect on your pharmacy workplace?"
Positive = 50.7%
Negative = 28%
No effect = 21.3%
Calendar of Events
Sept. 6-9 American Society for Nuclear Cardiology, San Diego, CA
Sept. 8-11 Joint Molecular Imaging Conference, Providence, RI
Sept. 15 Deadline for most APhA award nominations
Sept. 24 Late application deadline for Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology
Oct. 1-7 Nuclear Medicine Week
Oct. 6-8 Florida Pharmacy Assoc. Mid-Year Clinical Conference, Orlando, FL
Oct. 1-30 American Pharmacists Month
Dec. 3-8 Exam dates for Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology
March 14-17 APhA Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA
Renal scan
Nicki Hilliard
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