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PET Market Research Available for Purchase
Marketing Relevance surveyed over 1,000 oncologists, primary care physicians, and medical imaging providers regarding their use of PET scanning for the diagnosis and staging of cancer.  Among the findings of the study, there are significant gaps in the awareness of clinical support among referring physicians. Also, while financial reimbursement exists for PET scanning, a large number of surveyed physicians were not aware of the reimbursement standards leading to potential underutilization.   view the press release...
Mallinckrodt Discontinues Production of I-125 HSA
Due to escalating production costs, and limited product usage, Mallinckrodt will not longer manufacture Iodinated I-125 Albumin Injection (I-125 HSA vial and Isojex syringes).  I-123 HSA (Jeanatope) is available from Isotex 800-477-4839.
SNM Tribute to Hal Anger
The November issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine contained an interesting article highlighting the contributions of Hal Anger to nuclear medicine.  A very interesting history lesson and a tribute to his ingenuity and dedication.  The article is available online.
The Pharmacy Education Aid Act of 2003
the United States Senate passed important legislation that will take steps towards alleviating the current shortage of pharmacists.  S.648, the Pharmacy Education Aid Act of 2003,  provides loan repayment funds for pharmacists who agree to practice in areas with a critical shortage of pharmacists or who agree to serve as faculty at a school of pharmacy.  APhA looks forward to working with members of the House to secure passage of similar legislation.”
RadCare Act Introduced in the Senate
The Consumer Assurance of Radiologic Excellence bill (RadCare Bill, S1197, HR1214) is designed to establish educational and credentialing standards for personnel who plan and deliver radiation therapy treatments and who perform many medical imaging examinations, including nuclear medicine procedures. The SNM would like you to contact your senators for support.   For more information...

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Enrico Fermi (fûr'me) (1901–54)

Nuclear physicist, born in Rome, Italy. He studied at Pisa, Göttingen, and Leyden, and became professor of theoretical physics at Rome in 1927. In 1934 he and his colleagues split a number of nuclei by bombardment with neutrons, for which he was awarded the 1938 Nobel Prize for Physics. He did not return to Italy from his Nobel Prize presentation in Stockholm because the Italian anti-Semitic Laws affected his Jewish wife, but became professor at Columbia University (1939). He played a prominent part in developing atomic energy, and constructed the first US nuclear reactor (1942).  He produced the first controlled nuclear chain reaction at the University of Chicago on Dec. 2, 1942 in a volleyball field situated beneath the University of Chicago's sports stadium.

A 58 year old man status post myocardial infarction.  Urine drug screen is positive for cocaine.  Continued....


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