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NeutroSpec Withdrawn from Market
Palatin & Mallinckrodt announced that they are voluntarily suspending sales, marketing, and distribution of NeutroSpec for infectious imaging following the reports of two deaths associated with the product.  For information:  Warning Letter and Product Recall Announcement.
Generator Recall Update
Mallinckrodt has announced that generator production equipment and testing will delay the production of generators for many weeks.  They expect to return to production around March 31, 2006.  To view the customer letter update...
Nuclear Pharmacy Pioneer and Educator Dies
We are saddened to learn that Anne Smith recently passed away.  Anne received a M.S. degree in Radiopharmacy from USC in 1973. She was an early nuclear pharmacy manager and served as a faculty member at the Univ. New Mexico and Purdue University.  Anne Smith was involved in training many nuclear pharmacists practicing today.  To read a full obituary...
IAEA Awarded Nobel Peace Prize
The International Atomic Energy Agency was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Dec. 10th in Oslo, Norway.  IAEA was recognized for being an advocate for the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

PET More Accurate Than Genetic Testing for Alzheimer's
PET imaging of glucose metabolism in the brain can accurately predict which patients with mild cognitive impairment will progress to full-blown Alzheimer's dementia, according to the researchers reporting in the Oct. 2005 Journal of Nuclear Medicine.  A combination of both functional imaging and genotyping may allow an early high-risk or low-risk stratification of patients with either very high sensitivity or very high specificity.  See SNM article

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Student of Nuclear Physics

Jimmy Carter graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1946 and became a submariner.  He was chosen by Admiral Rickover for the nuclear submarine program and took graduate work at Union College in reactor technology and nuclear physics.  He served as senior officer of the Seawolf, the second nuclear submarine.  His naval career was cut short when he returned to the family farm following the death of his father in 1953.  Jimmy Carter was elected the 39th President of the U.S. in 1976.    For more information about Jimmy Carter...


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How do you rate the response by the manufacturers to the generator shortage situation?

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Response to the previous poll: 

How did the Mallinckrodt generator recall affect nuclear medicine in your area? (61 votes):

A.  Severe: patients cancelled or rescheduled.    45.9%
B.  Moderate:  orders switched to other suppliers   23.0%
C.  Low:  Customers didn't realize  14.8%
D.  None:  Business as usual    16.4%

A 33 year old Caucasian woman recently noticed a thickening of a mole that she has had for many years.  She has no personal or family history of melanoma and reports being careful about sun exposure.    Continued...

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