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FDG Effective in Determining Prognosis of Cervical Cancer
Physicans from Washington University School of Medicine validated a simple qualitative technique using FDG PET scans for cervical cancer prognosis.  The results are published in the Feb 03 JNM.   For more information...
Nuclear Pharmacy Award Winners Announced 
Jim Ponto, David Laven, Ken Cheng, Jim Cooper, Jeff Norenberg, and Duann Vanderslice will receive APhA awards at the upcoming annual meeting in New Orleans. 
For more information...
FDA Calls for "Dirty Bomb" Treatments
FDA has determined that Prussian blue capsules would be safe and effective for treating patients with internal contamination with radioactive thallium and cesium.  For more information...

Coley Joins UAMS Faculty
Carla Coley, PharmD, BCNP has joined the faculty at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.  Dr. Coley will be responsible for teaching radiopharmacy to NMT students in the distance education program and developing an Introduction to Nuclear Pharmacy online course for colleges of pharmacy.
NEO Faculty Present at World Congress
Nicki Hilliard, PharmD, and Martha Pickett, CNMT were invited speakers that the 8th World Congress of the Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology meeting held in Santiago, Chile last October. See full story...

Feb. 26 APhA Meeting Early Enrollment Deadline
Feb. 28 SNM Reimbursement Seminar,   Phoenix, AZ
Feb 28-Mar 5 High Country NM Conference , Vail, CO
Mar 2003 NEO Session 10 PBL Cases Begin
Mar 19-21 Scandinavian PET Winter Symposium, Lillehammer, Norway
Mar 28-Apr 1 APhA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA
Mar 29 NEO Open House & Luncheon (Sat) at APhA Annual Meeting
April 9-10 NCRP Annual Meeting, Arlington, VA
April 11-13 Southwestern Chapter, SNM,    Oklahoma City
April 25 Deadline for submitting name for APhA Officer Elections.

November 8, 1895, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered X-rays.  For this he received the first Nobel Prize in Physics.  Roentgen refused to take out patents on his discovery, to allow the world to freely benefit from his work.

Roentgen was the first physicist to employ the ALARA Principal.  He x-rayed his wife's hand, instead of his own!

78 year old male with history of multiple myeloma, renal failure, diabetes, hypertension, amyloidosis, and arrhythmia.  Patient complained of left elbow pain and bone scan was ordered.  Continued....


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