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Nuclear Pharmacy e-Community Launched
APhA recently created an internet-based forum or "e-Community" for nuclear pharmacy.  You are able to network with other members across the country, share ideas and opinions, and problem-solve.  Accessing the nuclear e-Community is easy!  Just login at with your username and password and then click "e-Communities" in the right text box.  Once you have read and agreed with the "Terms of Use," just click on the nuclear e-Community and get started.  This service is only available to APhA members, so this is just another good reason to join APhA (and the APhA-APPM Section on Nuclear Pharmacy Practice).

Make Plans to Attend APhA Meeting
There are many activities scheduled for nuclear pharmacists at the APhA Meeting in San Francisco March 17-21.  Over 200 nuclear pharmacists typically attend the meeting with great opportunities for CE and networking.  It is not too late to register!  For more information about scheduled activities....

New Payment Caps on Imaging Services
A provision of the federal Deficit Reduction Act will set limits on reimbursement from Medicare for physician’s offices with imaging equipment. The bill will limit the technical, rather than the professional or interpretation, component. These changes are set to begin 2007 and are opposed by the SNM. 
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Schering Divests of CIS Business
Schering will transfer the radiopharmaceutical business of CIS Bio International to a consortium of Ion Beam Applications (IBA) and Institut National des Radioelements (IRE).  For more information...

Mar 17-21 APhA Annual Meeting, San Francisco
Mar. 24-26 Central Chapter SNM, Indianapolis, IN
Mar 25-29 Academy of Molecular Imaging Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL
Mar 30-Apr 2 European Symposium on Radiopharmacy, Lucca, Italy
Apr 7-9 Southwestern Chapter SNM, Albuquerque, NM
June 3-7 SNM Annual Meeting, San Diego

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Brachytherapy, arising from the Greek word brachys for brief or short, refers to electromagnetic radiation delivered via the insertion of radioactive materials a short distance from, or within, the tumor.  Prostate cancer patients with a high probability of organ-confined disease may be appropriately treated with brachytherapy alone.  Isotopes used for prostate cancer treatment include Iodine-125, Palladium-103 and Iridium-192. Brachytherapy is also used to treat other cancers, including cancers of the eye, lung, breast, mouth, cervix and skin.


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In your practice, how often are pharmacists consulted for their clinical knowledge or expertise in radiation safety or regulatory matters?

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Response to the previous poll: 

Which one of the following areas of regulatory control presents the greatest challenge in your practice setting?  (41 total votes)

  • JCAHO   4.9%
  • USP <797>  78%
  • USP <823>  7.3%
  • State Board of Pharmacy  9.8%

A 21 year old female diagnosed with Graves' Disease four months into her pregnancy....  Continued...

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