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Medicare Reform Legislation
 Your Action Needed Now!
The Medicare Modernization Legislation has been passed by the House and Senate.  The House bill includes language that clarifies that radiopharmaceuticals are drugs and should be treated as such under Medicare.  It also improves the policy for payment.  The Senate bill does not contain this language.  The SNM supports the House language and urges you to write your Senators for their support of this provision.  For more information....
CNMT Shortage
Currently there are 3,500 positions for nuclear medicine technologists available in the U.S.  With the graying of the profession, the average age in their 40's, the 1,200 new graduates only just keeps up with the number retiring each year.  There are also existing educational programs that are closing their doors due to lack of funding.  With the aging of the general population, the need for nuclear medicine services increases, but we have a decreasing number of professionals to provide these studies.  For more information...
Rubidium-82 Unit Dose
Eastern Isotopes recently announced that it is partnering with Bracco Diagnostics to offer unit-dose distribution of Rb-82 for myocardial perfusion imaging.  For more information...
Comments Requested Concerning Technician Training
ACPE will develop a draft set of competency based standards for pharmacy technician education and training.  The APhA Section on Nuclear Pharmacy would like to hear your thoughts about technician training for the nuclear pharmacy arena. You can review the ACPE Publications and send your comments to Brain Cox at
FIP Meeting Presents Nuclear Session
International Pharmaceutical Federation is a world-wide federation of national pharmaceutical (professional and scientific) associations, which has a mission to represent and serve pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences around the globe. Through its member associations, FIP connects, represents and serves more a million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists around the world.  Nuclear Pharmacy is represented and the session titled "Therapeutic Drug Monitoring with Radiologic Techniques" will be presented at the meeting in Sydney, Australia, Sept. 4-9.  Next year the meeting will be held in New Orleans. For more information..

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August 10-14 15th International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry (ISRC)    Sydney, Australia
August 15-18 Second Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Imaging San Francisco, CA
August 23-27 European Society of Nuclear Medicine   Amsterdam
Sept. 4-9 International Pharmaceutical Federation Meeting in Sydney, Australia
Sept. 11-14 ASNC American Society of Nuclear Cardiology; Indianapolis, IN
Sept. 12-14 Missouri Valley Chapter Annual Meeting, St. Louis, MO
Sept. 26-27 Mid-Eastern Chapter SNM, Ocean City, MD
Oct. 5-11 Nuclear Medicine Week

"The Revigorator"

This large pottery crock was lined with radium ore. Instructions on the jar suggest that you fill it every night with water and drink an average of six or more glasses daily. After its discovery by Pierre and Marie Curie in 1898, radium was considered a "cure-all" until the early 1920s.  

From the National Atomic Museum

33 year-old police officer was involved in a head-on collision with a car and was subsequently ejected from his motorcycle.    He was wearing a helmet but sustained a large head injury to the right side and arrived via helicopter in cardio-respiratory distress.   Continued....

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