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CTA versus MPI
CTA Radiation Concerns
PET CE Articles
PET Changes Therapy
APhA Election Results
Covidien Makes Debut
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The name "electron" comes from the Greek word for amber, ήλεκτρον. This material played an essential role in the discovery of electrical phenomena. The ancient Greeks knew, for example, that rubbing a piece of amber with fur left an electric charge on its surface, which could then create sparks.  (

Case Study
PET scan with Melanoma Mets 
A 57 year old white male had a melanoma removed from his scalp.  A PET-CT scan was ordered to evaluate the extent of disease.   Continued
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Message from the Chair
"At this time of year, nominations for APhA Awards are being solicited.  We have received interest in a nomination for the Briner and Daniel B. Smith Awards, but we also need nominations for Fellow and Merit Award.  The deadline for nomination letters is September 15th and the nomination materials can be found on the APhA website, linked to the home page:
Please view the e-Communities section under "Nuclear Pharmacy" and see what has been posted there.  Our section has a great tool to facilitate communication and debate on this site.  Go to and login there.  Check back periodically to see what's new.
Our section has been heavily engaged in updates to USP Chapter <797> through their involvement in a USP Ad Hoc Advisory Panel.  Your colleagues have provided feedback to the Expert Committee on the section "Radiopharmaceuticals as CSPs."  We are looking forward to the final changes being published in the near future.
Your colleagues attended the NRC's ACMUI meeting on June 12th and provided feedback on the RSO requirements and BCNP credential.  Thanks to those who argued in support of the BCNP credential.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if necessary.  Note my new email address:
Have a great summer and I'll see you on e-Communities!
Rich Nickel
APhA-APPM Nuclear Pharmacy Practice Section, Chair
Dear Nuclear Medicine Professional,

Myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) represents approximately half of the 15 million nuclear medicine procedures performed in the U.S. each year.  It is with a keen interest that the nuclear medicine community reviews articles about cardiac imaging.  This month brought several new articles about MPI and CT angiography (CTA) that are highlighted in the newsletter.
CTA vs MPI Cost Effectiveness
A recent study presented at the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography suggests that CTA may be more cost effective than myocardial perfusion SPECT, when performed after a positive non-diagnostic stress test to weed out unnecessary cardiac catherization.  For additional information...
JAMA Article Raises CTA Concerns
CTA imageA recent article in the Journal for the American Medical Association estimated the cancer risk from CTA radiation exposure.  The research data suggests that young women receiving CTA may be at a higher cancer risk later in life.  To view a full copy of the article...
PET Continuing Education Articles
Diagnostic Imaging Logo The Discussions in PET Imaging continuing education series supported by GE Healthcare are available online.  This informative series reviews the use of PET in a variety of settings, including oncology, myocardial perfusion, and Alzheimer's Disease.
PET Changes Therapy in Half the Cases
PET centers in Australia collected data on whether the modality changed the management of patients with different types of cancers and other applications, including melanoma, colorectral carcinoma, ovarian cancer, brain tumors, epilepsy, and myocardial viability.  The recently published data found that PET changed therapy management in 59% of patients, with the majority of the cases rated as high impact by physicians. Approximately 49% had a change in modality treatment. 
APhA Election Results
Steve MattmullerCongratulations to Steve Mattmuller (Chair-elect)and Eric Smith (New Practioner) for being elected as the new incoming officers for the APhA-APPM Nuclear Section.  We know they will do a great job after taking office at the 2008 APhA meeting.  Congratulations also go out to Dan Kennedy who was elected APPM President-Elect. 
Covidien Separates from Tyco
Covidien logo July 2, 2007.  The healthcare division of Tyco International was spun off to form an independent company named Covidien.  This includes the radiopharmaceutical company of Mallinckrodt Medical.  It will take a while to get used to the name change!  View the company press release....
Online Poll

"Will the sestamibi generic event have a positive or negative effect on your pharmacy workplace?"

Calendar of Events
Aug. 1 BCNP Application Deadline
Aug. 20 Re-Certification deadline for Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology
Sept. 6-9 American Society for Nuclear Cardiology, San Diego, CA
Sept. 8-11 Joint Molecular Imaging Conference, Providence, RI
Sept. 15 Deadline for most APhA award nominations
Sept. 24 Late application deadline for  Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology
Oct. 1-7 Nuclear Medicine Week
Oct. 1-30 American Pharmacists Month
Dec. 3-8 Exam dates for Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology
Renal scan
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