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Geodax to Merge with Cardinal Health
Geodax Technology Inc., headquartered in Greensboro, NC has plans to merge with Cardinal Health pending governmental approvals. Geodax currently operates 15 nuclear pharmacies and two cyclotron facilities.
CMS Approves PET for Alzheimer's Disease
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has determined that the use of PET for the diagnosis of suspected Alzheimer’s disease would be covered for patients when a specific diagnosis remains uncertain despite a thorough clinical evaluation. The draft decision memorandum can be found at:
CMS has posted a related press release that can be found at:
New Shielding Material Available
PolyOne Engineered Materials has a product line called Gravi-Tech®. It is a non toxic replacement for lead in radiation shielding applications. This polymer - tungsten composite material is as dense as lead, yet it can be injection molded or extruded on common plastics equipment. Additional information on this unique material is available at
Research News from Recent SNM Meeting
Keep up with the latest developments presented at the Society of Nuclear Medicine meeting in Philadelphia this month.  See the SNM website for more information....
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Aug. 1 BCNP Exam Registration Deadline
Sept. 4-9 FIP Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA
Sept. 4-8 European Nuclear Medicine Meeting, Helsinki, Finland
Sept. 9-12 Third Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Imaging
St. Louis, Missouri
Sept. 10-12 Southeastern Chapter Meeting
Clearwater Beach, Florida
Sept. 30-Oct 2 ASNC Annual Meeting, Clearwater, FL

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When most people think of Boy Scout merit badges, they think of canoeing, camping, etc.  But did you know that Boy Scouts can earn an Atomic Energy merit badge?  Scouts can choose to make cloud chamber, a simple homemade Geiger counter, show the principles of autoradiography using high speed film and a radiation source and more.  Check out the badge requirements at

A 54 year old woman 5 days post laparoscopic cholecystectomy presented to the ER with increasing abdominal pain.... Continued....

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