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Cataract formation is considered a Non-stochastic Effect: The severity of the effect varies with the dose and the effects are not seen below a certain threshold level of radiation.

Cataracts: A minimum dose of 200 rem (2 Sv) is required for the development of cataracts. The threshold for developing a vision impairing cataract under conditions of prolonged, fractionated exposure is felt to be 800 rem.

Ref: Nuclear Medicine online textbook by Scott Williams, MD.
Case Study
Renal scan 
73 year old male with chronic hydronephrosis with elevated creatinine.  The etiology of elevated creatinine could be either renovascular disease or interstitial disease from Mobic.  An ACE-Inhibitor renogram was ordered for evaluation.  Continued
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SNM Image of the Year
2007 Image of the Year Using PET with carbon-11-labeled monoamine oxidase A inhibitor clorgyline, researchers from the Brookhaven National Laboratory have found an association between MAO-A brain activity and violent behavior. For more information....
Board Certification Survey
BPS LogoAll BCNPs are Encouraged to Participate in Board Certification Survey Please respond by July 15, 2007! The Pharmacist's Perceptions and Values Related to Board Certification survey is intended to evaluate what pharmacists expect to attain by pursuing board certification in pharmacy practice and the values related to those issues. It is important to determine your opinions, whether you are currently board certified, have previously been board certified, plan to pursue or have no intention of pursuing this credential. Please participate in the survey today!
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APhA Voting Deadline - July 16th
It is time to cast your ballots for the new leadership of the APhA.  In addition to the nuclear pharmacy section officers, we have the opportunity to elect a nuclear pharmacist, Nicki Hilliard, as President-Elect of the Academy.  Your vote is appreciated!
Alternate QC for Mebrofenin
From the mail bag....

Please see reference below for a validated alternative SepPak procedure.


Billinghurst MW, Eckert K, Mang'era K. Alternative quality control for technetium-99m IDA complexes. Appl Radiat Isot. 2004 Dec;61(6):1151-5.



Kennedy Mang'era BPharm, Ph.D.

University of Manitoba

Calendar of Events
July 2-6 Nuclear Medicine Update, Amelia Island, FL
July 21-22 Viva Las Vegas - 2007
July 30 Application deadline for Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology
Aug. 1 BCNP Application Deadline
Aug. 20 Re-Certification deadline for Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology
Sept. 24 Late application deadline for  Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology
Dec. 3-8 Exam dates for Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology
Renal scan
Nicki Hilliard
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