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SNM Image of the Year
AdreView Available Soon
Under Investigation
New FDG Infusion System
RPs Reclassified
GE Healthcare Makes Cuts
Nuclear Facts 
Monoclonal antibodies (mAb or moAb) are monospecific antibodies that are identical because they are produced by one type of immune cell that are all clones of a single parent cell. A process of producing monoclonal antibodies involving human-mouse hybrid cells was described in 1973.   OncoScint was the first diagnostic mAb used in nuclear medicine in 1992 (since withdrawn from the market).  Zevalin (2002) and Bexxar (2003) are the first therapeutic mAbs in nuclear medicine and have produced significant results for patients with non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
Case Study
Patient with recurrance of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma  following two different courses of therapy.  
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I would like to encourage newsletter readers to join the American Pharmacists Association. Dues are about $228 and include membership in as many Academy Sections that are of interest to you within the Academy of Pharmacy Practice and Management (APhA-APPM) and the Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science (APhA-APRS). Membership information is available at  There are no extra fees to join the 3 main discussion forums on e-communities.  The forums are Nuclear Pharmacy, MTM Services/Medicare, and the House of Delegates Discussion.  While these discussion groups may not be as entertaining as, you may find your colleagues have some interesting subjects to share.
There are several awards and honors that deserving members of our Nuclear Section may be nominated for.  The nomination form and the APhA Awards Application and Guidebook are available online at  

 Eric Smith has tabulated the results of the MTM survey distributed at the Nuclear Business meeting in March.  According to Eric, the results are thrilling and will shock you all.  Look for the results on e-communities.
More news to come,
Michele Beauvais BCNP
Chair Nuclear Section APhA-APPM
Dear Nuclear Medicine Professional,

There was exciting news coming from the Society of Nuclear Medicine meeting the first part of June.  It is also great to see new radiopharmaceuticals that will be coming on the market soon.  I hope you are enjoying a great summer!
SNM Image of the Year
2008 Image of the YearThere were two images of the year announced at the SNM Meeting both involving dual modalities.  A MRI/SPECT image demonstrating osteomyelitis and a PET/CT image of Ga-68-DOTA-NOC visualizing a neuroendocrine tumor.  For additional information...
New MIBG Agent

The FDA accepted Lobenguane I 123 (I-123 MIBG, AdreView) application for priority review. AdreView is a molecular imaging agent by GE Healthcare for the detection of neuroendocrine tumors in pediatric and adult patients.  It is likely to be available in early fall and the FDA encouraged GE to establish an expanded access program for AdreView which grants physicians limited access to a novel agent prior to FDA approval. 

View press release.
Under Investigation
Neoprobe Corp. has begun a multicenter Phase III study of its radiopharmaceutical agent Lymphoseek in breast cancer and melanoma patients.  Avid Radiopharmaceuticals has started a multicenter Phase II clinical trial of its F-18-AV-45 molecular-imaging agent to study whether the agent, used with PET, can image amyloid plaque deposits.

FDG Infusion System
PET Infusion SystemMEDRAD's new PET infusion system is designed to automatically extract a patient dose from a multi-dose vial and deliver it directly to the patient. The system is mobile and includes dosimetry, shielding, and a touchscreen interface.  PETNet has signed an agreement with MedRad to provide multi-dose vials and specially designed vial shields to be used with the infusion system.  For additional information...
Reclassification of Radiopharmaceuticals
SNM has responded to CMS' classification of diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals as supplies by recommending that radiopharmaceutical reimbursement under Medicare needs to be reformed. SNM believes that radiopharmaceuticals should be classified as drugs and that the CMS should use the same process for reimbursing radiopharmaceuticals as it does for other drugs.  For more information...
GE Healthcare Makes Cuts
GE LogoGE Healthcare cut hundreds of jobs at their Waukesha operations.  GE spokesman, Brian McKaig said the medical imaging equipment manufacturer has been hurt by passage of the federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, which caps Medicare reimbursement levels for medical imaging procedures. GE has said that those caps limit access to medical imaging procedures.  For more information...
Online Poll

Have you raised prices or cut deliveries in response to the high gas prices?

Previous Poll:  USP <797> regulations went into effect June 1, 2008.  Have the nuclear medicine departments in your area made changes for implementation?
Yes: 44%    No:  56%
July 11-13 PET Review & Mock Exam for the Technologist, Houston, TX
July 19-20 Viva Las Vegas - 2008 Pacific SW Chapter SNM Meeting
July 25 Voting deadline for APhA Elections
July 27-31 50th American Association of Physicists in Medicine Annual Meeting, Houston, TX
Sept 10-13 World Molecular Imaging Congress
Nice, Provence, France
Sept. 25-27 2008 Nuclear Medicine Symposium, Traverse City, MI
Oct. 3-5 Missouri Valley Chapter, SNM Meeting, Omaha, NE
Oct. 6-10 Nuclear Medicine Week
Renal scan
Nicki Hilliard, PharmD, BCNP
Professor of Nuclear Pharmacy
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