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APhA Annual Meeting Activities
Fifteen hours of nuclear pharmacy continuing education credit available at the APhA Meeting in New Orleans plus many networking opportunities, including the NEO Open House. March 29 - April 1, 2003  For more information...
Bexxar vs Zevalin Information website from the Patients with Lymphoma organization highlights information about radioimmunotherapies.  See comparison information..
PETNet President Resigns
CTI Molecular Imaging announced that Mark Rhoads has resigned as President of its subsidiary PETNet Pharmaceuticals to pursue interests outside the firm.  Tom Hook, president of CTI Services has been appointed president of PETNet. For more information...
SNM Procedure Guidelines
Has a department called looking for a procedure for Octreoscan or Miraluma?  You can find a list of procedure guidelines for thirty nuclear medicine studies on the Society of Nuclear Medicine website at
10 CFR Online
We know that you can find just about anything on the Internet and the NRC regulations are no exceptions, however when you go to you have to do a little hunting to find them, so we have provided the direct link to the documents.  Don't forget to bookmark!  10 CFR Regulations...

Feb 28-Mar 5 High Country NM Conference , Vail, CO
Mar 2003 NEO Session 10 PBL Cases Begin
Mar 19-21 Scandinavian PET Winter Symposium, Lillehammer, Norway
Mar 28-Apr 1 APhA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA
Mar 29 NEO Open House & Luncheon (Sat) at APhA Annual Meeting
April 9-10 NCRP Annual Meeting, Arlington, VA
April 11-13 Southwestern Chapter, SNM,    Oklahoma City
April 25 Deadline for submitting name for APhA Officer Elections.

Most residential smoke detectors contain a low-activity americium-241 source.  Alpha particles emitted by the americium ionize the air, make the air conductive.  Any smoke particles that enter the unit reduce the current and set off the alarm.

Despite the fact that these devices save lives, the question "are smoke detectors safe?" is still asked by those with an inordinate fear of radiation.  The answer, of course, is "yes, they are safe".

43 year old white male diagnosed with multiple myeloma in June 1993.  He responded well to chemotherapy and was in remission from 6/94 - 8/99.  Chemotherapy was repeated and remission was achieved again from 2/00 - 1/02.  Continued....

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