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Online Nuclear Pharmacy Technician Training
Nuclear Education Online (NEO) announces a new educational program for nuclear pharmacy technicians.  This program provides online instruction in pharmacy law, terminology, calculations, inventory management, radiopharmaceutical dosages and preparation, record keeping, and quality control.  It includes on-site training materials for aseptic technique and competency assessments.  For more information about this program....
APhA Schedule of Events
The APhA meeting is almost like a family reunion for nuclear pharmacists.  It is a great time to see old colleagues and meet new ones!  Fifteen hours of nuclear pharmacy continuing education credit available at the APhA Meeting in Orlando plus many networking opportunities, including the NEO Luncheon, April 1-5, 2005.  For a list of selected activities click here.
Siemens Acquires CTI/PETNet for $1 Billion
Siemens and CTI Molecular Imaging, Inc.announced  that they have entered into a merger agreement under which Siemens will acquire CTI. The acquisition will include all the businesses of CTI Molecular Imaging, Inc., including CTI PET Systems and PETNET Solutions.  View the Siemens/CTI press release..
Fisher Discontinues ITLC-SA
Fisher Scientific Products has discontinued ITLC-SA media for radiochromatography.  Alternative sources include Auburn Biostrips, Auburn, CA, phone: 530-878-2515 and Varian Part #A120B12.
NM Center for Isotopes in Medicine
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson signed an agreement to establish the first medical isotopes center in the country on  March 8. The New Mexico Center for Isotopes in Medicine (NMCIM) is a partnership between Los Alamos National Laboratory and the UNM Health Sciences Center College of Pharmacy whose objective is the discovery and development of new isotope-based drugs and technologies for diagnosis and treatment of diseases.  For more information...

April 1-5 APhA 2005 Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL
April 1-3 Central Chapter, SNM 
Chicago, IL
April 8-10 Pacific Northwest Chapter PET/CT Symposium
Coeur D'alene, Idaho
April 15-17 Mid-Eastern Chapter, SNM
Ocean City, Maryland
April 15-17 Southwestern Chapter, SNM
San Antonio, Texas
April 16-17 CE Weekend (3 hrs nuclear), Fort Myers, FL.
April 15-17 35th Annual Spring Meeting Mid-Eastern Chapter, SNM, Ocean City, MD
May 3-6 Clinical Nuclear Medicine, Boston, MA
June 18-22 Society of Nuclear Medicine 52nd Annual Meeting
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 24-28 The 16th International Symposium on
Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry
, Iowa City
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The microwave oven is another form of electromagnetic radiation.  The "radar range", as it was first called, was invented by a Raytheon engineer doing radar related research in 1946.  He was testing a new vacuum tube called a magnetron when he discovered the candy bar in his pocket had melted.  His curiosity led to experiments with popcorn kernels and an egg with surprising results. In 1947 the first commercial microwave was manufactured standing 5.5' tall, weighing 750 lbs, and costing $5000.  Good thing they came down in size and price!  For more interesting information click here.

An 80 year old man presents with a recurrence of a carotid body tumor that was first removed 45 years ago.  Seven family members have a history of carotid body tumors.  Imaging was performed with In-111 Pentetreotide (OctreoScan) Continued....

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