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Mallinckrodt Recalls Generators
On November 18th Mallinckrodt voluntarily recalled all technetium generators as a result of issues identified during a routine sterility assurance process re-validation.  Resolution of the problem is expected to take six weeks.  BMS has ramped up production to supply the additional generators.  For updated information from Mallinckrodt....
APhA Awards Announced
Congratulations to James (Jim) Cooper for being selected to receive the William H. Briner Distinguished Achievement Award in Nuclear Pharmacy.  Congratulations also go to Kara Duncan Weatherman and Geoffrey Levine for being recognized as APhA Fellows for their service to APhA and the profession.  These awards will be presented at the APhA Annual Meeting in San Francisco next March.
Celebrations at Purdue and New Mexico
During October Purdue University honored Dr. Stanley Shaw's illustrious career by hosting a continuing education program and retirement dinner.  The University of New Mexico also honored alumni and former faculty members with induction into the Radiopharmacy Honor Society.  For pictures and information about these events...
Eastern Isotopes Begins Distribution of I-124 MIBG
Ion Beam Applications (IBA) subsidiary Eastern Isotopes is distributing the PET isotope I-124 MIBG, which is currently  for investigational purposes. MIBG has been used for evaluating the cardiac symptomatic nervous system and the diagnosis, treatment planning, and radiotherapy of various neuroendocrine malignancies
Swab Those Tops
Isopropyl alcohol is a highly efficient killer of vegetative bacteria, including staph and strep that are present on the tops of elution and kit vials that are exposed to ambient room air.  Contact time is essential.  Make sure to thoroughly wet the septum and allow to dry.

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Father of Gamma Camera Dies

The father of the Anger gamma camera, Hal O. Anger, passed away on Oct. 31 at the age of 85. Anger's family was involved in one of the first radio stations in Southern California which led to his interest in electronics.  He graduated from UC Berkeley in 1943 with a degree in electrical engineering. During World War II, he worked on ways to jam enemy radar. After the war, he worked at the Ernest O. Lawrence Radiation Laboratory. In 1957 Anger developed the gamma camera and demonstrated it at the 1958 Society of Nuclear Medicine meeting  and revolutionized nuclear medicine.
   He also developed the well counter, which is also widely used in nuclear medicine.


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A 52 year old man presents to the nuclear medicine department for a cardiac workup prior to surgery and treatment for newly diagnosed lung cancer.  Continued...

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