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New APhA Officers Elected
Congratulations to Rich Fejka and Mark Soffing for being elected as APhA-APPM Nuclear Section chair-elect and member-at-large, respectively.  Thank you for helping elect Nicki Hilliard as the first nuclear pharmacist member of the APPM Executive Committee.
FDA Public Meeting:  RDRC Program
The FDA has announced a November 16th public meeting about changing the regulations governing basic research under the radioactive drug research committee (RDRC) regulations.  To review the basic objectives of the meeting click here.  For the Federal Register Notice click here.  You can contact Rich Fejka at with further questions.
CMS Solicits Public Input on PET for Noncovered Cancers
The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has been determining coverage of PET scans for cancers on an indication by indication basis for each cancer. Numerous comments to CMS have requested a different process. Therefore, in addition to continuing to review the evidence for the six specific cancers (brain, pancreatic, cervical, ovarian, small cell lung, & testicular), CMS is expanding the National Coverage Analysis (NCA) to also address a potentially different process for determining when a PET scan is reasonable and necessary for all cancers that are currently noncovered. You may submit your comments to Stuart Caplan with the CMS.

Neuroimaging Study for Alzheimer's
A five-year, $60 million project by the National Institute on Aging seeks to determine whether serial MR imaging, PET scanning, other biological markers, and clinical and neuropsychological assessment can be used separately or in combination to predict who will develop Alzheimer's disease. 
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Nuclear Education Faculty Position
The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is searching for a new faculty member to serve as project manager for the expansion of the NEO program.  This is a great career opportunity!  For more information...

Happy Halloween!

Nov. 5 Thyroid Cancer Conference, Columbus, OH
Nov. 7-13 Allied Health Professions Week
Jan. 27-30 SNM Mid-Winter Meeting, Tampa, FL (including a Nuclear Pharmacy Update)
Mar. 18-19 Clinical Pet/CT and Spect/CT Imaging of Cancer for Radiologists and Nuclear Physicians, Baltimore, MD
April 1-5 APhA 2005 Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL
April 8-10 Pacific Northwest Chapter PET/CT Symposium
Coeur D'alene, Idaho
April 15-17 35th Annual Spring Meeting Mid-Eastern Chapter, SNM, Ocean City, MD
June 18-22 Society of Nuclear Medicine 52nd Annual Meeting
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 24-28 The 16th International Symposium on
Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry
, Iowa City

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a "Petite Curie"

During WWI Marie Curie realized that X-rays could save soldiers' lives by helping doctors see bullets, shrapnel, and broken bones. She convinced the government to empower her to set up France's first military radiology centers.  She convinced automobile body shops to transform the cars into vans, and begged manufacturers to do their part for their country by donating equipment. French enlisted men would soon dub these mobile radiology vehicles, which transported X-ray apparatus to the wounded at the battle front, petites Curies (little Curies).

The American Institute of Physics has a very interesting online exhibit about Marie Curie at

A 51 year old male recently diagnosed with mesothelioma and a low-density lesion seen on CT.   Continued....


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