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American Pharmacist Month
October is designated as American Pharmacists Month.  A great time to celebrate the profession the the professionals that serve the public.  See for more information.
Nuclear Medicine Week
The first week of October is also the time to celebrate Nuclear Medicine Week.  Don't forget to celebrate with your customers!  See for more information.

Biochemical Basis of Alcohol Abuse

PET researcher have determined that elevated levels of D2 dopamine receptors in the brain may provide a protective effect for those most at risk for developing alcoholism.  This may help explain why some people develop alcohol dependency while others do not.  For more information...

Digital Pharmacist
Amanda Galiano, a senior at the UAMS College of Pharmacy (and nuclear pharmacy student), has developed a website called the Digital Pharmacist with pharmacy resources for your PDA.  It contains useful software and information on choosing the right PDA for you. 

APhA Members:  Join the Nuclear Pharmacy eCommunity Discussions at

Oct. 1-31 American Pharmacists Month
Oct. 1-7 Nuclear Medicine Week
Oct. 5-8 31st Annual Western Regional Meeting
Reno, Nevada
Oct. 22-27 9th World Congress - World Federation of Nuclear Medicine & Biology (WFNMB)
Seoul, South Korea
Oct. 24 National Pharmacy Technician Day
March 16-19, 2007 2007 APhA Meeting in Atlanta, GA

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Wash Away Radioactivity!

Soap and water do a good job of washing away radioactive contamination, but if something more is needed Radiacwash is available.  Radiacwash has been around since 1951.  It works by sequestering metallic ions which contaminate the surface and lifting and suspending particles so that they can be washed away with water. What does your pharmacy use for decontamination?  Discuss further on the nuclear pharmacist eCommunity at


New ! - Online Nuclear Cardiologist Training  Learn more

Does your pharmacy recognize and celebrate Nuclear Medicine Week with your customers?

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"Does your pharmacy have a "Disaster Preparedness Plan?" in the event of a hurricane, earthquake, terrorism, etc.

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  • No  28.6%
  • Not Sure  7.1%

The patient was admitted to the hospital with a complaint of leg hurting and being dizzy. The patient was found to be anemic with a
hemoglobin of 7.8. The patient gave a history of melena.        Continue to case....