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NEO Offers Live CE Credit
NEO will offer a live web conference on Nov. 18th at 12:00 MT. This is your opportunity to learn more about radioimmunotherapy and gain 1 hour of live CE credit without leaving home or the pharmacy.  ACPE and VOICE credit available.  Tell your staff and your customers. 
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UNM CE Available Online
The University of New Mexico has announced that the radiopharmacy CE programs are now available online.  Check out the new online database, monographs, and testing at  For more information about the program and instructions click here.
Supply of O-18 Water Threatened
An explosion at the Isotec facility in Miamisburg, OH on September 21, 2003 caused concern about the supply of O-18 water for the production of fluorine-18 for PET imaging.  Isotec  has the world's largest oxygen-18 production capacity. Most of the O-18 water the plant was producing came from a carbon monoxide process that was unaffected by the explosion of the nitric oxide tank.  There are also other suppliers, resulting in a greater supply of O-18 than demand.   For more information....
BEXXAR Receives Reimbursement Codes
Corixa and GlaxoSmithKline announced that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued coding instructions to hospitals for obtaining reimbursement for BEXXAR.  The codes are retroactive to July 1, 2003.  For more information...

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Sept. 26-27 Mid-Eastern Chapter SNM, Ocean City, MD
Oct. 2-3 Eastern Great Lakes Chapter SNM
Oct. 2-5 28th Western Regional SNM Meeting, Los Angeles, CA
Oct. 5-11 Nuclear Medicine Week
Oct. 16 Deadline for APhA abstract submission
Oct. 31-Nov.2 Northeast Regional Meeting, SNM, Mystic, CT
Nov. 6-9 SNM Southeastern Chapter Meeting, Nashville, TN
Nov. 15-16 Florida Pharmacists Mid-Year Clinical Conference, Orlando, FL
Nov. 18 NEO Live CE Web Conference
March 26-30, 2004 APhA Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA

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A 55 year old man was diagnosed with a  malignant melanoma lesion on his scalp. A sentinel node scan was ordered to evaluate possible metastases.  Continued....

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