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Draft CGMP for PET Radiopharmaceuticals
The FDA has drafted a current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) regulation for the production PET radiopharmaceuticals.  Following a 90-day comment period, the FDA will prepare a final rule. Two years after the final rule takes effect, PET radiopharmaceutical producers will be required to submit new drug applications before marketing a PET drug.  The APhA Section on Nuclear Pharmacy Regulatory Affairs Committee is currently reviewing the document.  Ken Breslow has agreed to step up and coordinate receiving comments and putting together comments for forwarding to APhA.  Please review and forward your comments to the section.    FDA website for proposed documents....
UNM College of Pharmacy 60th Anniversary
Alumni and friends of the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy are invited to the 60th anniversary celebration to be held on October 21-22.  For more information...
A Career to Honor and Celebrate
Dr. Stanley M. Shaw will be putting down his historic orange plate and survey meter and shifting gears to a life of rest, relaxation and retirement!  To celebrate his more than 45 years of dedication to Purdue University and the profession of nuclear pharmacy, the Division of Nuclear Pharmacy will be hosting a retirement celebration which will be held October 28-29, 2005.  Saturday will include a CE program followed by a retirement dinner.  Please see the attached invitation and return the reply card by October 14th.  Per Dr. Shaw's wishes, he did not want a gift, but instead would like to establish an endowed scholarship in his name for students who will be entering the field of nuclear pharmacy for many years to come.  If you have any questions, please call 765-496-1815.  
NCRP Draft Document
The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) has issued a draft report titled Precautions in the Management of Patients Who Have Received Therapeutic Amounts of Radionuclides.  The 282 page draft document is available online at and the comment period ends October 15th.
FPA Mid-Year Clinical Conference
The Florida Pharmacists Association Academy of Pharmacy Practice Mid Year Clinical Conference is scheduled for October 22-23 in Orlando, FL.  The conference includes 15 hours of nuclear pharmacy continuing education and is open to all pharmacists.        To view the program schedule...
Career Opportunities
There are many exciting career opportunities in nuclear pharmacy.  The Nuclear Pharmacy website provides free postings for your review.  Tell your pharmacy students and colleagues.

Happy Nuclear Medicine Week

Sept 29-Oct 2 30th Annual Western Regional SNM Meeting, Copper Mountain, Colorado
Oct. 1-31 American Pharmacists Month
Oct. 2-8 Nuclear Medicine Week
Oct. 7-8 SNM Eastern Great Lakes Chapter Meeting, Rochester, NY
Oct. 22-23 FPA Mid-Year Clinical Conference
Oct. 25 National Pharmacy Technician Day
Oct. 28-30 Northeast Regional Meeting, SNM, Newport, RI
Mar 17-21, 2006 APhA Annual Meeting, San Francisco

As kids we all learned that Superman came from the Planet Krypton and kryptonite can sap Superman's strength.  In nuclear medicine Krypton-81m is a radioactive gas used for pulmonary ventilation studies.  Kr-81m has a 13 second half-life and is produced by a Rb-Kr generator.  Although this generator is no longer available in the U.S.  Mallinckrodt produces this generator (KryptoScan) in other countries, including Europe.   


Has your career in nuclear pharmacy required relocating to a different city?

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Response to the previous poll: 

How would you relate the stress of your job compared to traditional pharmacy practice settings?     (104 votes)

Less stress      62.7%
About same     22.7%
More stress     14.5%

A 55 year old woman with a history of breast cancer presents for a PET scan....  Continued....



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