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 Nuclear Education Online Training for Physicians

May 10, 2006 /  Since 2001, Nuclear Education Online (NEO) has successfully trained over 240 nuclear pharmacists, technicians, and cyclotron workers.  This training is accepted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and state agencies for the radioactive materials license.  NEO is an educational consortium between UAMS and the University of New Mexico (UNM). 

Starting in July 2006, NEO will add a physician training program to include nuclear training for cardiologists and radiologists.  UAMS and UNM are two, of just a handful of schools nationwide that offer nuclear education and training.  The nuclear education for physician training program is funded by a $440,861 grant from the U.S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) to expand educational programs.

To become an authorized user of radioactive materials, a physician must complete 700 hours of nuclear training, consisting of 500 hours of experiential and either 80 or 200 hours of classroom and laboratory training, depending on state requirements.  The NEO for physician curriculum will offer both an 80-hour and 200-hour course.  Completion of the NEO program, documents the structured training mandated by new regulations for physicians (Federal Register notice of March 30, 2005). 

The NEO physician education curriculum is divided into four modules:  Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Instrumentation, Radiation Biology & Radiation Protection, and Radiochemistry & Regulations. Each module can be completed independently, offering a standardized documented curriculum with maximum flexibility for physicians.    According to Dao Le, Pharm.D., B.C.N.P., UAMS Assistant Professor; “Students can schedule their online courses to correspond to their work in a clinical setting.”  

“Because the course is online, it is open to any physician in the world desiring to obtain nuclear education and training.  There is no travel required, thus students have the opportunity of career training with a minimum disruption to their personal and professional lives,” Le said. Student course evaluations often indicate that the students enjoy the learning experience and appreciate the convenience of a self-paced, high caliber on-line education.

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