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Nuclear Pharmacy Technician Education and Training                                                                                                   

A Nuclear Pharmacy Technician (NPT) is a pharmacy technician who has received specialized training and education in the nuclear pharmacy practice setting.  An NPT works under the direct supervision of a licensed nuclear pharmacist and performs many pharmacy-related functions.  Each state Board of Pharmacy has exact definitions of a pharmacy technician.  Each state may, or may not, have definitions applicable to a Nuclear Pharmacy Technician. 


Syllabus and Program Costs

In 1995, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board offered the first national examination to assess the mastery of knowledge of pharmacy technicians.  The examination highlighted the movement of the pharmacy profession to more involve non-licensed individuals in the practice of pharmacy.  Since 1995, many states have added regulations specific to the use of pharmacy technicians.  These regulations may include practice setting, degree of supervision, sterile preparations training, acceptable training programs, documentation of training programs and pharmacists’ responsibility.  Most states have some regulations concerning the use of pharmacy technicians; however, few of them address the issues of technicians in the nuclear pharmacy practice.  Regulations concerning pharmacy are applied to all practice settings, the use of pharmacy technicians are often regulated without regard to the specialized practice setting of nuclear pharmacy.

As the use of technicians increases, more state Boards of Pharmacy are adding specific regulations for technicians.  Nuclear pharmacy represents a very small percentage of all practice settings of pharmacy.  It is estimated that of more than 200,000 registered pharmacists only about 2,000 have the specialized training required to practice in nuclear pharmacy.  These small numbers do not warrant the development of specialized regulations specific to nuclear pharmacy technicians.  An alternative technician training program specific to the practice of nuclear pharmacy was needed.

The American Pharmacist Association, Academy of Pharmacy Practice Management, Section on Nuclear Pharmacy approved the Guidelines for Nuclear Pharmacy Technician Training Programs in November, 2000.  This document outlines specific training topics, competencies and training guidelines to be used in nuclear pharmacy technician training programs.   It should be noted that the approved training program deals with only those areas of practice regulated by state Boards of Pharmacy.

It is strongly recommended that a review of applicable state Board of Pharmacy rules and regulations be conducted before enrolling in this program.  A petition to the Board of Pharmacy may be necessary to determine the acceptability of this program within a given state.  Nuclear Education Online makes no claim of acceptance by any Board of Pharmacy for this alternative training program.  This program is intended to meet the requirements of some state technician training regulations and to offer a structured program for petition of acceptance to other states.


v     This training addresses issues explicitly regulated by state Boards of Pharmacy.  Although technicians perform many functions with a nuclear pharmacy, those tasks and functions regulated by other state and/or federal agencies are not addressed in this training program.

v     Training obtained through the Nuclear Pharmacy Technician training program is not transferable to any other practice settings. 

v     The Nuclear Education Online Nuclear Pharmacy Technician training program will not prepare an individual for the national Pharmacist Technician Training Certificate examination.

Syllabus and Program Costs