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Basic Radiation Safety Training

The Nuclear Education Online Basic Radiation Safety is an introductory level course in the fundamentals of radiation safety intended to meet the training requirements required of all employees who receive, or might receive, a health-care related occupational exposure while working in or near a controlled / restricted area.  The course focuses on the need for every employee, both radiological workers and non-radiological workers, to play an active role in maintaining exposures to radiation and radioactive materials within regulatory (Nuclear Regulatory Commission or Agreement State) limits and in compliance with As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) principles.

This web-based, self-paced program is offered in eight modules. 

  •      Fundamentals of Radiation and Radioactivity

  •      Radiation Biology

  •      Radiation Dose Limits and ALARA

  •      Personnel Monitoring

  •      Access Controls and Postings

  •      Emergency and Spill Procedures

  •      Contamination Control

  •      Employee Responsibilities

Each module consists of user controlled slides with or without audio voiceover.  The user may repeat or return to any slide as often as necessary.  Each module contains a self-assessment that may be repeated as needed.  Successful course completion is achieved with a final exam.  Certificates of completion are available upon course completion and are retained as a permanent record.

Classroom equivalent:  4 hours

Program Costs:  $45

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