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Training for Shippers and Transporters of Radiopharmaceuticals

We now have two courses available to meet the radiopharmaceutical industry needs:

  1. DOT Training for Highway Shippers & Transporters of Radiopharmaceuticals 

  2. DOT Training for Air Shippers & Transporters of Radiopharmaceuticals

NEO developed a general DOT training program as outlined in CFR Title 49.  The goal of this program is to provide web-based training in the required DOT training to those working with or around radioactive materials. The online availability of this program will be essentially seamless, cover the required material, provide record keeping, and be inexpensive.

The DOT requires that any employee involved in the preparation of packages of hazardous (radioactive) material and/or the transport and delivery of hazmat packages and/or responsible for the safe transport of hazmat packages receive specific training. The training must be within the first 90 days of employment and refreshed every three years.

The cost of each program is a very affordable $47!  You can purchase both training modules for $75.

Training requirements include:

  • General awareness/familiarization of radioactive material
  • Function-specific training (transport/delivery and handlers)
  • General safety training for radioactive materials
  • Security awareness training


These courses address the Department of Transportation training requirements  for those preparing radioactive materials used in research, medical diagnosis or treatment for ground and/or air shipment by motor vehicles.

Go to: Click on Training for Shippers & Transporters of Radiopharmaceuticals (DOT)

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