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Nuclear Education Online

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Nuclear Pharmacy

Educational programs for nuclear pharmacies include:

Authorized User ProgramSee Program Guide    Enrollment Form

The Nuclear Education Online (NEO) program is designed to provide the education and training required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to be an Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist or an Authorized User of Radioactive Materials. 

The program consists of 250 hours of didactic coursework that may be obtained in a 10 week program, or over an extended period if needed.  In addition to coursework, students are required to complete 500 hours of structured experiential training with a local preceptor.  This program is geared toward pharmacists interested in a career in nuclear pharmacy  Since 2001, over 300 pharmacists, pharmacy students, and technicians have completed this program.  Please see the program guide for more information.

Nuclear Pharmacy Technician Training  

A Nuclear Pharmacy Technician (NPT) is a pharmacy technician who has received specialized training and education in the nuclear pharmacy practice setting.  An NPT works under the direct supervision of a licensed nuclear pharmacist and performs many pharmacy-related functions that do not require professional judgment.  Each state Board of Pharmacy has exact definitions of a pharmacy technician.  Each state may, or may not, have definitions applicable to a Nuclear Pharmacy Technician.  For more information about this program Click Here.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Training 

NEO developed a general DOT training program as outlined in CFR Title 49.  The goal of this program is to provide web-based training in the required DOT training to those working with or around radioactive materials. The online availability of this program is essentially seamless, covers the required material, provides record keeping, and is inexpensive.

The DOT requires that any employee involved in the preparation of packages of hazardous (radioactive) material and/or the transport and delivery of hazmat packages and/or responsible for the sate transport of hazmat packages receive specific training. The training must be within the first 90 days of employment and refreshed every three years.

Training requirements include:

  • General awareness/familiarization of radioactive material
  • Function-specific training (transport/delivery and handlers)
  • General safety training for radioactive materials
  • Security awareness training

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