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Nicki L. Hilliard, Pharm.D., MHSA, BCNP, FAPhA
Professor, UAMS College of Pharmacy
Associate Professor, UAMS College of Medicine
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; 501-686-6398
Hilliard CV

Dr. Hilliard has over twenty years of experience teaching radiopharmacy at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to pharmacy students, nuclear medicine technology students, and nuclear medicine & radiology resident physicians.  She also had seven years experience as a nuclear pharmacy manager for Syncor before coming to UAMS.  Dr. Hilliard is an innovative user of technology and has over ten years of experience designing material for the Internet.  She was named a Teaching Scholar in Distance Education by the University of Arkansas System and was recognized with the inaugural UAMS Educational Technology Excellence Award..  She serves as webmaster for the Nuclear Pharmacy website for which she received the American Pharmaceutical Association Award of Merit for her contributions to the nuclear medicine community.   Dr. Hilliard has held positions of national leadership in nuclear pharmacy including chair of the APhA Section on Nuclear Pharmacy and Chair of the BPS Nuclear Pharmacy Specialty Council.  She served as Member-at-Large of the APhA-APPM Executive Committee.  Dr. Hilliard received the 2008 William H. Briner Distinguished Achievement Award for Nuclear Pharmacy.  She served on the faculty of the ASNC Board Review in 2008 & 2009.
Dao Le, PharmD, BCNP
NEO Curriculum Expansion Coordinator
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Assistant Professor; 501-686-6361
Dao Le's CV

Dao Le, a Board Certified Nuclear Pharmacist, is an Assistant Professor of Nuclear Pharmacy at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. She received a BA degree in biology at Westminster College in Fulton, MO in 1998. She then continued on to University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences where she received a PharmD degree and a Radioactive Materials Authorized User certification. After pharmacy school, she joined the TycoHealthcare/Mallinckrodt as a nuclear staff pharmacist in Houston, TX. At Mallinckrodt she participated in many corporate initiatives including serving on the Practice of Pharmacy Advisory Committee, developing and implementing company Standard of Operating Procedures and served as chair the committee to revise the Mallinckrodt intern manual. She was also an active participant in student recruiting developments. While at Mallinckrodt in Houston, she also served as the radiation safety officer.

She has a Board of Pharmacy license in Arkansas, Texas, Maryland, and Colorado. Dr. Le has been an active member of APhA and has served as APhA-APPM New Practitioner in the Nuclear Pharmacy Practice Section.
Jeffrey P. Norenberg, PharmD. BCNP, FASHP, FAPhA
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice
University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy



Jeff Norenberg, a Board Certified Nuclear Pharmacist, is a Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Chair of the Radiopharmacy Graduate Concentration at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center College of Pharmacy. Under the mentorship of William Hladik, he has established a practice caring for patients receiving diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals. He has informed pharmacists about the opportunities and responsibilities of pharmaceutical care in radiopharmacy at national and international meetings. He is a consultant to nuclear medicine physicians, radiologists, fellows, and residents, participating in decisions regarding patient treatment, and administering radiopharmaceuticals. He has conducted numerous pre-clinical and clinical research studies with novel radiopharmaceuticals and has implemented quality of life assessment in patients receiving therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals. 

As an educator, he has taught extensively on the clinical applications of radiopharmaceuticals to pharmacy students, physicians, radiology residents and fellows.  He has served on thesis committees of students seeking the Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences degree with emphasis in radiopharmacy. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters; and abstracts presented at national and international meetings, and he has received grants and contracts exceeding $1 million.

He has received the United States Public Health Service Outstanding Achievement Citation and the Department of Interior Meritorious Service Commendation for his work in the practice of pharmacy.

Martha W. Pickett, MHSA, CNMT
Chairman, Nuclear Medicine Technology,
UAMS College of Health Related Professions 
Pickett CV


Martha Pickett has chaired the Department of Nuclear Medicine Technology at UAMS since its inception in 1985.  This program, which offers a bachelor's degree in nuclear medicine technology, has already experienced the world of online education when it began offering its classroom courses to cohorts of students in multiple sites outside Little Rock beginning in 1999.

Martha's educational background includes two bachelor's degrees, one in zoology and another in nuclear medicine technology.  She has her master's degree in health services administration and is completing coursework on a Ph.D. in public policy with an emphasis on health policy.  She has worked actively in the professional associations at the national level and has served as president of the Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologist Section.  She has also served on the board of directors of the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board.


Kristina Wittstrom, RPh, BCNP, FAPhA
Experiential Coordinator
UNM College of Pharmacy; 505-272-3661
Wittstrom CV

A graduate of the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy specializing in radiopharmacy, entered commercial nuclear pharmacy in 1979.  Practiced in Southern California as pharmacy manager and radiation safety officer until 1993.  Became BCNP in 1982 with recertifications in 1993 and 2000.

Joined the Syncor International Corporation Professional Development staff in 1993.  Responsibilities included coordinating and teaching in the internal Authorized User Radiopharmacist Training Program.  Served as technical support to practicing nuclear pharmacists.  Currently Experiential Coordinator for the Radiopharmacy Education program at University of New Mexico.

Active in the APhA Section on Nuclear Pharmacy.  Most recent accomplishment served as chairperson of the Ad Hoc Committee for Nuclear Pharmacy Technician Training Program.  This program was accepted and published by the APhA.

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